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Secret Sophie from Tricksay


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WOW - I absolutely LOVE this!!!  Just a magnificent story told in one frozen moment - exactly what a good diorama should be!


This is well beyond my ability, but some day i hope to copy... uhm, emulate.... er rather, draw inspiration from... every aspect of this as a learning exercise - from the basing to the speckled toad every bit of this is worth learning from


Thank you for the inspiration!

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    • By Evilhalfling
      painted this guy up in a day.  
      the assembly and trying to get all the mold line took almost as long. 

    • By bluecrowlaura
      And here's a toad demon that I finished, despite the snow. I spent a little more time with this one; I just finished the slime drool today.
      The broken wall is made from Hirst bits, and the drool is 2-part epoxy with some Golden's Green Gold stirred in. 
      Is it okay that I prefer painting monsters to characters?

    • By Kev!
        What was I thinking...

      Thanks for the gander,
    • By Lidless Eye
      I was inspired by the arrival of the Krackatoans from Dragon Bait, and decided to paint up a bunch of related sea folk.
      Almost all are from Bones, except the Spikeshells, who are the metal incarnation.
      A knot of Squogs:







      The Toad Demon:


      The Tiik Baron:



      The Sea Hag, with greenstuff-mended Squiddy (I thought he was a blob of miscast and then I saw a painted version...after I had sliced his head off...)


      The Spikeshells (in metal):




      Kelpies, (links for Barbie-like NSFW nudity)



      Mab Grindylow (again linked for nekkid)


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