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Brother Chaplain Kage

(GW) Blood Bowl Orcs

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My brother and a mutual friend decided to get into Blood Bowl because we all miss table top miniatures games but painting large armies and assembling terrain always seemed to derail things in the past. With the new BB including some really great looking minis, plus no terrain required, we're thinking this might actually get us going again.


Normally, the mutual friend is all about the greenskins (he had and sold a large 40k ork army), but what I like about the new orruks for AoS and these BB orcs is that the gorilla anatomy is gone and they have more human proportions which greatly improves their appearance in my mind. I grabbed a box off Ebay that should be here in 4-5 days, but in the meantime, I wanted to work on at least one new Black Ork Blocker (henceforth known as BOB) because it's my least favorite mini in the box due to the weird pose and I also don't want exact doubles of everything.


The BOB from the box:




There's a few problems with this idea of making a new BOB, though:

1) I don't have much in the way of greenskin bits except a sprue of 40k ork boyz that my friend gave me for conversions before he got rid of his army.

2) It would take a lot of work to make one of the 40k orks have the anatomy changes the BB orcs do.

3) Even if I wanted to try converting a gorilla greenskin, I also want my BOB to be big (as any black orc should be); much bigger than the boyz I have access to.


While digging around through various collections of sprues, I happened across some Ogre Kingdoms bulls that I got off a clearance shelf some years ago, and I knew right away I had hit pay dirt.


Here's what I started with.




I used my Dremel extensively to grind down the flabby ogre's anatomy and decided to use the two fist weapon arms. Here's my first test fit with a 40k ork boy next to him for scale.




That's more like it!


My original idea was to cover him head to toe in plate armor like the black orc minis along these lines:




I quickly realized that would be a ton of sculpting (it's going to be anyway, but still) and I wanted to keep it closer to the "sports" armor the BB orcs are wearing. While talking to an online friend who already has the game, I asked about any team positions that figures are not provided for in the box, and you can have a single troll and up to 4 goblins. As it happens, I already had a troll figure that had been gathering dust on a shelf, so I dusted him off... and forgot how friggin' big the figure is.




Too big? Maybe, but I really don't like any other GW troll figure, so I'm gonna have to make do with what I got. You can see some greenstuff on him where I started to remove the goofy chaos mouth from his side and filled in that giant gaping hole in his arm.


More Dremel work commenced on BOB to get closer to that wasp waist and huge upper body the orcs are known for as well as tweaking the pose. I played football through highschool until a knee injury took me out of sports entirely and I wanted something like an offensive lineman rushing forward to knock someone clean off their feet.




The current pose wasn't exactly getting that feeling across, but what if I lean it forward and put the head down like he's a split second from impact?




Oh yeah, that's much better, but it still needs some improvement. I wanted that rear leg to be off the ground and the front leg shifted forward some more. Out came the saw, pin vice, brass rod, and glue (along with more Dremel work and filling in the hole in the abdomen).




Now we're talking! There's really a feel of lumbering movement to him, like he's an avalanche about to crash into some poor sod.


Greenstuff work begins...




Pants are sculpted first, with an unfortunately placed air bubble, and then knee and thigh pads are added. I put pins in the torso for the arms and then built up the lat muscles. While the GS was still wet, I pushed the arms in place so they would leave an impression behind and fit perfectly once the GS cured.


And here's BOB at the current stage of progress with his arms and head back on.




I'm working on turning one of the other ork boyz heads into a fully enclosed helm like the black orc minis, but this random head I slapped on just so I could work on the posing has really started to grow on me.


Excess greenstuff from working on BOB is going towards building up the troll's arm where the hole used to be.




A lot of stuff in a first post I know, but thanks for looking if you got this far. Anyone else have any BB stuff they're working on?

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Nice work so far!


Not a BB player, but I like cool mods and painting, whatever the theme!


Go Go GO!

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Nice work so far!


Not a BB player, but I like cool mods and painting, whatever the theme!


Go Go GO!

My sentiments exactly!!


This is gonna be a pretty cool team you're working on!

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That troll is Throgg, the troll king, from the Warriors of Chaos Warhammer Fantasy army book. AFAIK he was only produced in Finecast and is now out of print. I picked it up as soon as I saw it because it is the only troll figure I've seen from any manufacturer that I liked.


Here's the product shot that was on the front of his box. 



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Ooh! :wub: More please! ::P:


Beautiful work. I have a batch of the ogre bulls that I haven't done anything with, I guess now I have a possibility to keep in mind if I ever pick up the new Blood Bowl. ::):

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I had a go at replicating the armored sneakers of the other players and think it turned out pretty good.




I glued a plastic strip to the bottom of both feet because the ogre's feet weren't completely level, and I wanted some more height on this guy. Here he is again with the increased height next to the other BB orcs.



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Got some work done on the troll. First was cleaning up the join of the left arm to the body, which you can see the gaps on in the previous scale pic.




I also beefed up his latissmus (lat) and bicep muscles because they seemed unusually small in comparison to the rest of his gigantic arm.


Continuing on with removing the Chaos aspects of the Throgg character, I had an idea to fix the upper part of the mouth. The first pic shows how it looks normally, where the bony Chaos growths have all but obliterated his upper lip. Second shows my trial run with some GS to build up a new lip and turn those bony growths into teeth.



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Plunge #1 taken with the troll.










To get where I want with the legs, I'll have to remove the right foot from the shin/knee part and will probably need to remove and section the left leg as well because he's leaning forward and a somewhat crooked on that one.

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