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I had an idea for BOB #2 and, as the saying goes, had to strike while the iron was hot.




I thought it would be a cool sculpting experiment to try for an orc that somehow got infected with the hunger of the Great Maw and has gotten really fat. Inspiration for a flabby murder machine came from the Strong Belwas character in ASoIaF, who never made it into the show. Once his torso sculpting is done, I'm going to see if I can make his face a little fatter and give him a big double chin.

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Me and the friend who got the BB box were supposed to try out the game for the first time today, but there was a scheduling snafu and we weren't able to get together. It wasn't a total waste because I got more sculpting done than I can remember doing in a single day for some time.




The double chin might need some reworking, now that I get a better look at it in the pics.

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I did some minor converting on one of my orc throwers.




I felt he had too little armor on him for a proper orc so a small shoulderpad was added and I gave him a more traditional hill-and-valley tabard thing. I also didn't like how thick the fabric of his shirt is on that arm so I cut it back and sculpted on a new edge. You can see the difference better in this second pic.



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Yup! In the box you get six Linemen, two Throwers, two Blitzers, and two Black Orc Blockers. Being my first venture into Blood Bowl, I had no idea they didn't have throwers previously. How odd.


I'm pretty sure the Orc roster has had them for most, if not all, editions, it's just that Orc teams aren't exactly known for the passing game.  They're more of block (i.e. smash, stomp, kick 'em while they're down) team. :;):

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I never played or will play...


I just love to see painted and converted minis..


These are nice.


Will there be a cheerleader, referee, coach too?


Eventually, yeah, I would like to do some extra figures like that but since I tend to work slowly I want to focus on getting the players finished first.




I'm pretty sure the Orc roster has had them for most, if not all, editions, it's just that Orc teams aren't exactly known for the passing game.  They're more of block (i.e. smash, stomp, kick 'em while they're down) team. :;):


Ah, ok. Well, I had a first trial game with my friend yesterday and I definitely got into the orc spirit.


To be honest, we were both a little nervous that we wouldn't like it because it might be too 'football' (neither of us watch sports at all), but just a couple of turns in we were already having a blast and decided is what definitely worth the investment. We also quickly discovered how it's much more Fantasy Football-Chess than just Fantasy Football, where an early decision to Block, Pass, or pick up the ball can end your turn, wasting the turn for the rest of your players. I had my friend snap some pics, and would have gotten more had I thought of it for a proper mini-batrep.


Here we see the line of scrimmage just prior to the kickoff that I won the coin toss for.




My friend wanted me to bring the Fat BOB to see in person and also see how he compared in size to the human players. The fat BOB didn't stay in the game too long because I forgot to bring more blue tac to hold him down and he kept falling over. He was quickly replaced by the normal box BOB.


Four turns in, I had a very good round of stompin' humies with my orcs. Putting six of them in the dirt...




...KO'ing two more, and auto-injuring one into a stun by pushing him off the pitch into the crowd. His second thrower in the reserves box was simply the 12th player.




Having read previous posts on here about what to do to show that a player has already used his action in a turn, I came up with the idea to use the little glass beads, flat on one side, that we used as markers when playing Magic to denote those plyers that had completed their action. It worked really well, but another thing we quickly discovered was how it was better for the opponent to mark your players because we would forget to do it while thinking on the strategy for our remaining players. I'm going to see if I can find something similar in a smaller size because a few times with a lot of players in a small area, it was getting very crowded with the turn markers.


On my turn 5, I scored the first TD of the game and continued to hold him scoreless... until his turn 8. And then this bull:cuss happened.




See that thrower on the left in the tackle zone of 2 orcs, and that catcher waaaaaaaaay over there on the right, just barely in range of a Long Bomb? Hail Mary, indeed. Also note the 6 he rolled for the pass. He'd been rolling really poorly for several rounds in a row and was jumping around, pumping his fist when he made this catch. Once he settled down a bit, he took this pic and the next.




Touchdown. Humies tie it up at the last second.


My round 8 was next and I made a good pass and then a run with a blitzer, but was 3 squares short of a second TD. Buzzer sounded half-time. Orc team sad.


Unfortunately, while I had the day off, my friend did not and we finished up the first half of our first game just moments before he had to leave for his evening shift. The next time we have the opportunity to play we'll continue the game from here.

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