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Phase one of bringing the new right leg to life.




And I think I will have to take the plunge on removing what there is of the cloak on this chest and shoulders and rebuild that along with his back. As I kept saying while playing my first game of Blood Bowl: No guts, no glory.

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BOB #1 gets a shirt, armored tabard thing, a second shoe, a suitably muscular neck, and a shoulder pad I'm not exactly happy with, but I mixed up some greenstuff for that shoulder with no clear idea in mind and just started pushing it around. Will most likely remove it and try again at a later point.




The shirt is on his back as well, along with leather straps to hold the shoulder pads on in the same fashion as the other orcs, but I couldn't get a good pic of it. The holes in his tabard armor will be filled with thin greenstuff "string" like the armor on some of the other figures.


And another scale comparison with one of the linemen. (Lineorc?)



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I did pretty good with the passing part, it was the other orc trying to catch it that was usually the problem.


More progress on the BOBs.


BOB #1 with a new shoulder pad, keeping the shape similar to the first one but also making it look more like the other orcs from the box, and he now has chest and back armor.




The chest armor is a bit hard to see right now, but something I'm doing with most of the added armor is to give it a very dimpled, rough look like the work was done by someone who was either very inexperienced, in a hurry, or both.


BOB #2 finally gets the rest of his arms and I had a really good first attempt at the armor on his arm and shoulder.




The real fun part will be trying to make all that new armor symmetrical on the other side.


Thanks to some tactics I read up on, I will need 2 more BOBs and have absolutely no ideas in that direction yet.

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