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Okay, no one else started it today (as of my last peek at the forums), so now, we have some time to reflect on 2017, and what are you going to do this month?



For me, I am going to paint 3-5 miniatures and FINISH reorganizing my hobby areal.  I really want to finish my Khadoran Iron Fangs and my Classic Chaos Dwarves.  That's the plan right now.

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So mine was "Get my gaming/hobby area set up in my new house" and "Paint 1 mini".   Just got the first part done finally...     Counter height gaming table ~7.5ft long, where a pool table used

I just moved into a new house, and finally set up my new desk area. I still need to unpack most of my hobby stuff and organize it all, so that, plus paint at least one mini, is my goal for this month.

Some of us are expanding the Dec 2016 Morihalda Challenge to draw every day to the entire year of 2017 (well, make it a permanent thing, really).   I will spend the next couple weeks focusing on an

I have some non-mini work I found and want to complete -- a Volks resin figure kit, a Woodland Scenics 1/87th gazebo kit I plan to turn into a tiny diorama, two Bandai Gundam Master Grade plastic kits I acquired on sale in October -- if you've done any Gunpla, you know what a pleasure it can be just to snip & snap a plastic model together -- and even an old plastic RC-sized V-8 engine model I rediscovered. I don't even expect to finish all of these in one month.


But I do want to try painting my first metal Reaper miniature sometime this month.

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I actually got 52 figures painted last year.  I don't think I'll probably be as prolific this year.  My goals are to shake it up a bit.  I want to include some varied old school into my mix or already mostly Ral Partha old school, so some Grenadier, Heritage, or some Partha that isn't in production any more, like the D&D line.


and an edit:  I saw this 2017 and didn't realize it was only for January. For this month, I've got three figures on my desk I want to finish and then start on with four old Partha  TSR elves.

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My goals essentially boil down to "paint more".  For 2016, I think I might have finished a dozen figures.   I'm hoping to double that for 2017.


But, I also acquired an airbrush for Christmas, so there will be some learning.  And I also discovered the joy of GunPla.  I've already assembled the one I have, but there could be more.


Stack on this my planned entries for RC17...

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I have been volunteered to run Space Hulk at a local convention in February, so my goal is to finish the figures for that. So far I have 3 terminators and 5 genestealers done. That leaves 7 terminators and 17 genestealers. I should finish at least 2 of the terminators this week during my vacation.

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My January goals are mostly items that I didn't finish in December:

  • Finish scenic base for exchange mini (in progress)
  • Inventory my Reaper metal minis so I can plan for 2017 ordering. 
  • Make Reaper metal wish list.
  • Expand my painting techniques though a combination of video watching and test minis.
  • Prep DDS2 terrain for painting.  I have craft paints to try out.
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For January 

I need to finish a dragon.  I started painting my last chromatic dragon (blue) 

I am going to do the best I can, but my mini-spawn is going to end up playing with it.  so lots of sealer.


finish the 3 started derro 

paint another heroine in sensible shoes.  


Sort and clean at least 5 figures with swords to practice painting blades. 

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Using this for my 2017 goals, which are the same goals from 2016.


1. Go to Reapercon and shoot for Gold medal.

2. Paint up Chaos Wars armies.

3. Paint more of my Darkspawn army.

4. Come up with a scheme for my Sisters army.

5. Finish 54mm Sophie.

6. Sculpt a dwarf.

7. Don't get frustrated when a model is in the butt stage.

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Some of us are expanding the Dec 2016 Morihalda Challenge to draw every day to the entire year of 2017 (well, make it a permanent thing, really).


I will spend the next couple weeks focusing on anatomy and figure drawing basics, and I should probably warm up on some portrait drawing.


The second half of the month I'll be starting up my third oil portraiture class and my first figure drawing class.


I will think many times about the mostly prepped mini on the desk when I work in the studio!

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My 2016 total: 49.  I'm now setting goals and priorities for January and for 2017 totals.  For the short term, 15 Reaper skeletons were started 12/31, and 5 of those were finished yesterday except for a little flock on the bases and sealing.  I am off work today, hoping to knock out the rest and get 2017 off to a fast start.  For the rest of the month, my goals are about 20 various minis for various purposes.  ;-)

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My goals for the month are:



  • Kahnjira
  • Shadows of Brimstone


  • Yephima
  • SoB resin heroes (if I can find primer that will reliably stick to them)


Other things I want to do are pretty random but the biggest one is to get my stuff organized in a better manner. I've actually started on that by ordering a rolling tote to put my paint and tools in. I'm hoping keeping it in one place will help immensely.

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<K-2SO>They're high.  They're very high.</K-2SO>


I'm trying to commit to painting 365 models this year, and also painting 365 pts worth of Warmachine/Hordes models.  (Yes, I am going to double dip).  So, this month, I need to do the following:


Assemble and prime an orc army for Kings of War that I am doing for a friend.

Paint a WM model for a holiday exchange (deadline is in 2 weeks)

Start painting my fleet for a Dystopian Wars event in April

Start painting 2 armies for a SAGA tourney in April

Start painting a Guild Ball team for some pick up games

Start painting some Arena Rex models for the same purpose



Or, put another way - paint like a madman for the next month, and see where that gets me.

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So, my goal for 2017 is to paint all of my CAV models.  Anyone know if Reaper offers discounts on gallons of MSP HD paints?  I will start with either the Terrans or Malvernians, their paint scheme covers more easily than red.

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      Now what are yours??
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