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Question about chipping medium what am I doing Wrong? Xherman1964


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Hi all,


A little question.


I'm experimenting with Vallejo special effects.

In this case Chipping Medium.


Here is the thing.


I painted old rust.

Then rust.

Then applied Chipping Medium, let it dry.

Then Applied Verdigris, Let it dry.


Now I tried to "chip" by using a stiff brush like it is recommended.


It doesn't work.


I have to use something like a toothpick to scratch the surface, but that chips too much and the bare metal shows.


So, any of you had experience with this?


What am I doing wrong?


Do I have to "chip" while the verdigris is still wet?

Do I need more layers underneath?


I used two layers of Old Rust and a Layer of rust before I applied the medium.


Then one layer of verdigris.


Would appreciate any advice on this.

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I've used vallejo chipping medium its terrible. Its inconsistent and I have always had a different experience using it. I would try it out on different test pieces first until I could figure out how to make it work consistently.


However if you have some money or are lucky and you already have it in your house is tres emme ultra fine mist. I heard about this product in the scale modelling community. It works consistently there is a learning curve but I find that tres emme behaves the same way every time, vallejo seems to act differently each time i've used it. I've used vallejo about 3-4 times and I couldn't get it to work right.  

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Thx for the tip Czebas.


Right now the Vallejo worked for me.


I used a dry brush at first.


After the advice given here I used a wet toothbrush and gently brushed.

Even after two days the medium reacted and gave me the desired effect.


I will check out that ultra fine mist stuff too.

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Man...I've been painting all my chipping in by hand.


I used to do that too.


Last year I bought the Vallejo Special Effects set, mainly because it had some bottles of Dry Rust, Rust, Verdigris,Vomit and Dried Blood. I saw that there was chipping medium in it, but didn't really know what it would do.

So I tried it out now on my War Turtle's Howdah and I must say it is awesome.


Pics in My Lost World Project.


Basically, I painted Dried Rust, Then applied Rust in spots here and there, then the medium, painted everything with Verdigris.

Then brush gently with a WET toothbrush.


And I want to thank you guys again for the advice!

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