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Reaper Paint Swatch Poster with MSP, HD, HGB, _ KS Paints (Rev 10 (Numeric Order) January 2017)


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As many have requested, attached is an updated paint swatch poster / color chart.  I have completed it based on the Reaper web store and information I found on the forums.  If someone can provide the swatches I do not have and/or any other pertinent information, please let me know in a reply or PM.


Attached is the PDF version, if you would like the PowerPoint version I use to build the PDF then PM me you email address.



Reaper Paint Swatch Poster with MSP, HD, HGB, _ KS Paints (Rev 10 (Numeric Order) January 2017).pdf

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I have a few of the ones you are missing swatches for. How can I help?


Talae,  I've sent you a PM with my email address.



Thank you.


I really liked the version sorted by color family.  Would it be possible to share a Rev 10 of that as well?


hdclearman, I'll work on that and try to get that out soon.


I'm not sure you need to remove them but the Heavy Gear colors are now out of production.


Heisler, I thought about that, but since they are still out there in folk's model boxes I thought it best to keep them on the chart.  I am hopeful they will come back, since I use them still.



Already out of date.  It's missing Reaper's new logo. . . .


Wonderfully comprehensive and I love the coded borders!



Dr_Automaton,  Thanks for the kudos.  I don't care for the new logo, so I went traditional.  ::D:



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If you have swatches you're lacking, I might be able to provide some relief.


[email protected]



The numbers not in the document above are:


















I sent an email with a picture of six of them, but your quality will probably be better.

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