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Check here for my first year of drawing and painting, 2016: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/66657-cashs-2016-art/


Onward with year two!


First up is a sketchbook piece, 5.5x8.5 graphite. I'll probably keep posting stuff as digest, I dunno. Just winging it!




And a study from the studio today, 18x24 charcoal on newsprint (my usual):



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Thanks, folks! I've done two drawings thus far this year and love both of them. Not perfect, of course, but I love them nonetheless. What a change from a year ago! I'm excited to see how much better I can get this year! I've set some pretty beefy goals, both for my art and my pursuits in the local art community.

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My first digital painting, done in Corel Painter Mobile on my old tablet, so it's relatively low res (2k x 2k, though this is a low res web version). And of course I already see a spot I didn't finish...


Anyway, good learning experience. Meaningful painting, it's where my family fished up lobsters going back to the revolution. That's my great-grandpa's buoy in the water.



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My favorite thing when showing it to people on my phone is that the most popular response is 'Where is that?' and not 'nice painting'. I've fooled just about everyone (and the two I didn't knew I was working on it).


I mean, it's not /that/ convincing at all, but it's still fun to see the response!

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Weekly digest time!


Still working on Valerie Winslow's anatomy book. This week's copies are in my new 5.5 x 8.5 toned sketchbook. Graphite, Prismacolors and white Conte.










I received the luscious new Ralph McQuarrie book set and immediately did a copy of the 1st cover.




And some J Scott Campbell copies I did during my breaks at work, trying to sneak in more sketching time. It's working!





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Thanks, Mori! The 'do the thing every day' in December was extremely valuable! Really helped me cultivate the discipline I so desperately needed.


Rather than my skills during school break atrophying to the point I was almost starting over, they've improved measurably!


Draw every day!


My biggest problem now is paying attention to time, especially if I'm drawing on lunch or break time...lots of 'oh crap' session endings lately. Happy that I can usually get into the flow like I do for music, it's how I know this is a thing for me.

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First figure drawing class last night. Went really bad but I salvaged it and things ended pretty well. It's difficult to confront things and push through them and learn, I guess that's why a lot of people never last long or improve? I'm too stubborn for that! Anyway, it's a nude model so no pics will be posted here. You can see them on FB, not sure if I'll also put them on my blog. I don't friend a lot of people on FB, so apologies if you can't see them!


Here's last week's sketchbook digest. I took the weekend off to get a break before classes this week, so it's a bit thinner than usual. Started with more anatomy from the Winslow book, the first two are graphite, Prismacolor and white Conte on toned paper, 5.5 x 8.5:






And a few rectus abdominis studies, graphite on paper, 9x12 (NSFW, nudity):




Only one comic book copy this week, a request by Matbar (who is the proud new owner of it already!), a Marc Silvestri copy. Graphite on paper, 5.5 x 8.5:




Tonight...portraiture class, part III!

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First night of Oil Portraiture. New model is an older gentleman, so this is going to be a really awesome class! It's been a good progression of models: the first guy was clean-cut and angular, the second had interesting hair, this one has some wrinkles...and he put his hand in the pose, yikes! Painting a hand!


Just roughing in the drawing here, getting the angles and measurements together and just beginning to add some detail. You can see my value thumbnail for checking composition, I changed things around several times in the thumbnail before starting the larger drawing.



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