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Ok! Back to updating the blog with actual art. Let's see how the last couple sketchbook images work externally with the new setup...still not perfect, but it's working for the blog, so meh...


Here's the finished page of upper arm stuff, forgot the posterior view in the last img!




And here's a fun little drawing I did for May the 4th, Darth Malgus. I used a statue for reference, so it's not a copy! 




Both of these are graphite, 9x12 (my primary sketchbook). Trying to learn Photoshop, so I'm dabbling with coloring the Malgus pic...

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On 3/16/2017 at 0:18 AM, ub3r_n3rd said:


Just move them over to your artist page on Facebook and link from there, you can have albums on there and all that stuffs.

But doesn't FaceOrk assert ownership of it all in that case?

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Yeah, they do. I put small images on the web, but it is what it is. That's why I am trying to be more independent. I still post most stuff to FB, because that gets the most eyeballs and sharing is fun.


I'm still putting in pages, but it's kinda boring proportional abstraction stuff...






Just finished the next iteration but no pics yet...

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What the what!?



What’s a couple years between WIP updates between friends? Dusted off this fine plastic model (ok, he was under a cover and not dusty). Spent an hour messing around trying to remember how brushes work. Some base coats and messing with how nmm works again…

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I do want to clear off a few that are building up on the workbench. I've got Zombicide Gordon Ramsay half-painted, another KDM survivor base-coated, and a handful of things I've assembled over the last year or so. The change of pace was a welcome shake-up to the drawing routine. Need to work on alternating media more.

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Looking good! I think I might've done some studies from that book (or at least one that featured those Michelangelo drawings). That miniature makes me want to get my brushes out (for something other than inking especially :P )


The Sith looks pretty good. I wouldn't get too hung up on copy/not a copy.. especially if it's not something you're going to sell. Some of my most helpful studies have been recreating drawings and paintings or drawing from statues.

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