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Ah, no worries.. I have studied both. I actually have a copy of the DaVinci sketchbook but the Michelangelo book I was referencing was on loan from the local library. TBH, a lot of their drawing look really similar to me.

If you like that style check out some Caravaggio too.. I honestly think I prefer him to DaVinci and Michelangelo..

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Had a plein air drawing lesson with my painting instructor today in Little Falls. Got a late start due to rain, had about an hour before the actors had to hit the stage for some Shakespeare. Love the scene they fell into.

Charcoal, 14x17




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Been a while. Most of the sketchbook stuff is general figure structural stuff that I've posted before, since I'm reviewing Steve Huston's book again. I find it important to draw my way through my instructional books. As I read a page, I replicate all the drawings on it.


Also taking a lot of time working on a proper method Bargue drawing (I'm 20 hours in and not half done). I just updated the blog with more info so head over there if you want to read about it, but here's the sexy:





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