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A GW Lost Patrol WIP

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Late last year I bought a copy of the Lost Patrol game by Games Workshop. In my rush to play the game with my sons we used bones models as proxies. Over Christmas I had some time to look at getting the models together.


I must confess the plastic models GW produce are really clean with few mold lines.


I managed to get a batch built up ready for painting.




These models were then given an undercoat of grey and then I selected the infestation markers to paint my chosen colour scheme.


I decided in a fairly traditional colour scheme as this would tie in with the Genestealers.




From the original base coat of purple I went dry brushed up to a cream colour.








Finally I added a glaze of purple to tone it down and then added detail for the teeth.




These now require a coat of varnish and they are done. I have decided to use a gloss varnish to give them a wet looking sheen.


As always comments welcome.

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So after the infestation markers I moved on to the 12 Genestealers. These were nice detailed modeles and the were given a similar paint scheme to the other Tyranids.




First off a coat of purple and then a highlight up to white.












I forgot how much batch painting can be tedious but have persevered as these are nicely detailed models.


As always comments welcome.


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A bit more progress to show in this post I was giving a red glaze to the claws but I wasn't sure I liked it and so I opted to keep six in one style and six the other. Here is a couple of comparison shots this is before they all get a Druchii Violet.






As always comments welcome.

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