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77261: Bat Demon by Xherman1964

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So, I needed a little distraction from all the Reptiles and Amphibians...


This guy just has had a nice comfy soapy bath and a trim with an exacto knife.


Now drying and waiting for colours.


Need to fill the gap between wings and back with plastic putty ( vallejo)








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you may want to just call him done!   The liner did a nice job.  


I hope you don't mind, but I will paint it anyway ::P:

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First steps.


Decay Black

Hellbound Flesh

Bloodfest Crimson


All Scale 75.


the shine is a reflection from the camera. it's black..






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Vallejo Orange Fire.


Doesn't look like much yet, but wait till I'm done...


More to come, hope I can pull off what I have in mind.





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Scale 75 Tenere Yellow, Purity White and a little wash of Decay Black.

Vallejo Fluo Yellow.


Might need more Red later but I think it works?







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The green could work, Glaze some orange red over it and see of that helps and it'll smooth out your transitions.


Thx, that  might work

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Is he a Nurgle Bat Demon?


It's a Bones Bat Demon, just trying out the fiery wings, and maybe do a greenish flesh or something.


Not really going for a theme with this one, just practice and diversion.

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I think the green migh not be working with those wings...


Maybe change it?


I hate to say it, but I couldn't figure out why you went with the green...it could be some subliminal G.W. thingy.

The reddish color is an improvement. I might have gone dark brown or back myself.

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