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Ral Partha Female Fighter - Queen

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The pegasus does look a tad stringy, yes, but stringy was the style.  Overall I'd prefer a slightly stringy freehand pegasus over something like a more perfect decal - the decal might better suit modern sensibility, but would seem fake. 


In any case, hat's off for doing it.  I'm a freehand coward, which is why I just paint shapes and colours.  Lest I produce "A Dragon Sad" or "A Lion Puking".  Yours is at least a Pegasus Rampant.

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Yeah, I don't think I would ever consider a decal for a shield.  If I can't paint it on, it just doesn't need to be there, whether it looks like a scrawny, scraggly pony or not.

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I'm continually impressed by how the quality of miniature painting has improved over the years. I never saw this kind of work on minis back in the day.

You work on her face,eyes,skin, hair, the cloth and the sword... Fantastic work!

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Really nice!


But I do decal shields.....


Nothing to be ashamed of. I just feel if I use some decal it's no longer my art. I'd rather paint a rag doll Pegasus than put somebody else's excellent decal in my mini.

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The freehand on the shield does remind me of the kind of work you'd see in old bestiaries or illuminated manuscripts. I think it fits the figure well.

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