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Female Paladin with Morning Star from Dark Sword Miniatures

Lt. Coldfire

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Thanks everyone for the kind words.  It's nice to hear.  


Where shall I being? The elusive white cloak that is shaded perfectly, or the awesome NMM or the shampoo-ad splendid hair?? 


Simply great all over!


May the gods reward you for the NMM compliment, but actually I used metallics.  I'm not very good at NMM.  I do a version of TMM (True Metallic Metal), which I love doing because it's easier, really fun and there are so many variations.  Every bit of metal I do is different and I never quite know what I'm going to come up with.

Basically it goes down like this:  

1.  Base coat of chosen metallic color (in this case I used Cobalt Alchemy from Scale75)

2.  Throw down some very thinned and controlled glazes (between 3-10 glazes, let's say, but you could certainly do more).  Depending on the paint and how strong I want the color to be, I use something like 1:4-8 paint to water ratio.  You have to kind of eye ball it.  Start with less water and when you start applying if it's going on too strong then just dilute it a bit more.  You don't want to just slap it on there like a wash.  You want to control where it goes and you don't want it pooling all over the place.  The goal is to make a subtle change.  With each glaze, you are slowly changing the color of the metal.  You want to start from the lighter colors and work your way up to the darker.  In this case I only did 4 glazes.  I started with a bright red, then a purple, then a light brown, followed by a dark brown.

3.  In the shadowy areas lay down some washes.  In this case I used Agrax Earthshade from Citadel, which has become one of my favorites.  If you do enough glazes in step number 2 then you might not have to use a wash.

4.  This is where the TMM comes in.  I just go back and highlight with a watered down version of the base coat color and add in some white for the final bits of highlighting.


It looks like a lot of steps but it doesn't take as long as it sounds.  The base coat is one pass (with Scale75 paint anyways, because their metallics are awesome), the glazes are quickly applied and should be thin enough that they're dry by the time you're ready to pass with the second color.  The wash will take some drying time, so just do some push ups, move on to the shield, or something.  For me the hardest part is figuring out where to put the final highlights.  I'm kind of a dunce when it comes to that.  I use online examples to give me an idea of where to place them.

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    • By Inarah
      One of last year's limited release figures that I painted during the summer.  She has the right amount of detail, I spent some time trying to do NMM on her armor and weapon.  Felt that the pose was a bit dull and static, and her face is odd.  Liked how the green part of her cloak came out, not so happy with the yellow, need to practice more, 

    • By Samedi
      I love doing WIPs. And I've got a lot projects I should finish 😊. And since there is still no progress with Barros and Tempest (this time because I'm still waiting for a new base to be shipped), why not start something new?
      I've yet to paint my first dragon, so I'll use this opportunity to do it. I confess, I'm cheating a bit here, since I'm going to paint the white dragon by Dark Sword Minis - that's a very small dragon. But still, he's got wings and teeth and claws and scales, so definitely a dragon, yessir!
      I absolutely love this mini. I bought it many years ago, but the horns went missing. Fortunately, when I ordered some more minis from Dark Sword a while ago, I was able to order some spare horns, so now I'm good to go.
      Here he is, assembled and prepped:

      Now I have to decide on a paint scheme, which I can't bring myself to do. There are three ideas I have at the moment:
      paint him up as an ice dragon. I'm thinking white with pinkish/greenish undertones and a base made with transparent crackle paint. There was a very cool version of an Ice Dragon a while ago on this forum, but I can't seem to find it any more.  paint him up as a star dragon using the technique I learned at RVE in Kevin Holderny's class. I used it on a coat so far, maybe it looks very cool on the dragon's wings. paint him up as a real world snake. Now there are so many possibilities...  
      Decisions, decisions...

      Some more work on the base.
    • By TaleSpinner
      For the ReaperCon MSP Open this year, I painted the master copy of the White Drake I sculpted for Dark Sword (it will be released for sale in 2022).  I decided to do him in glacial coloration inspired by a glacier I saw while on a cruise in AK.
      For the Sculpting story, click here.
      For the Painting WIP, click here.
      Oh, and I won a gold medal for him in the Open category. 
       (Bear in mind that that is a 1" base)



    • By TaleSpinner
      I've been working on my drakes/dragons for what feels like forever now.  Last week, Jim of Dark Sword brought me a copy of the metal masters for the small versions of them as they are being prepared for casting.  He gave me permission to paint one up as my ReaperCon entry, despite their not being released yet.  So here goes...
      If you want to read the whole tale on the sculpting of these drakes, check out this thread in the sculpting section.
      After prepping the mini, I primed it with my airbrush, using stylrnez.

      About 6 months ago, I had started painting a resin prototype of this mini that I had printed.  That mini was a bit too small and had some errors in the scales on its tail, so I abandoned it.  That said, I am sticking fairly close to the color concept I had with that one and will be using it as a preliminary sketch of where I want this one to go.  Here is that sketch model:

      On Saturday, I got together with a bunch of friends to work on our Open entries and I began the painting in earnest,  All paints are MSP.  The dorsal scales are based in Sharkbite, the sides in Marid Blue, and the belly in Grindylow Green. The belly was washed in a mix of Grindylow Green and Clear Pthalo Green.  I have more work to do on that shading yet though.  I then shaded the sides down to Sharkbite.  I also have more work to do on the deepest shadows there yet after I get the highlights done.


      I also painted the eyes and teeth. 
      Yesterday, I highlight the sides up to white and based the claws in Drow Skin.


      I plan on spending every night this week working on it and have Friday off as well.  I hope I can be done on Friday, but we'll see.  I do have all my classes prepped, so am ready for ReaperCon other than this project and one other metal work project I have going.  It is going to be a busy week though.
    • By Samedi
      During my Shelf of Shame Project I started with the fairy. Since there is only room for one project on my wet palette, this one had to take the back seat during RVE. Today I finished another project, at least as far as the palette is concerned, so I can finally continue with my little fairy. Every aspect of this project was created by rolling dice.
      For everyone interested, here is a somewhat elaborate summary of part one:
      During weekend I usually put down my brushes. At the moment, painting is a stand in for my job that's on hold because of Corona restrictions, so there will probably be no progress until next week. I just wanted to set up everything so I can start right away!
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