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Very cool.  I think it came out awesome.


Thank you!


He was a lot of fun to paint.


That really turned out EVEN BETTER than the W.I.P. promised. It looks infinitely better all BEAUTIFULLY painted & based that it did languishing on the Cap'n's work bench. VERY WELL DONE!


Thx Al!


It's an awesome mini to paint.


Thx again guys for the great gift!

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That turned out beautiful! I love the verdigris. I have one of those too, sitting in a box. I have yet to build up the courage to assemble it, much less paint it! Kudos to you for doing both so well!


Thank you!


Verdigris was done with Vallejo Special effect set. Primed White. Then Apply Vallejo Dry Rust all over it. Then patches of Vallejo Rust, then Chipping medium all over, then Vallejo Verdigris all over.

Then when dry. Take a WET old toothbrush and gently brush away the verdigris to show the rust and dry rust again..


Helluva project! Kings to you on this!


Thank you! I'm having loads of fun, and comments like this keep me going!


I clicked the like button before but forgot to actually tell you that I absolutely love this thing. :wub:


Thank you!


Despite being a Warbeast it has some adorability..


More Jungle Fever upcoming soon, I've started on the Ral Partha T-Rex.

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