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Shaâ un - Ram Tribe Warrior BUST by Glitterwolf

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*** Rise Creatures of Chaos !!!!***


*** It's time for Mankind to fall !!!***



A while ago I purchased this one through the Bay of Evil.

It is supposed to be the Forged Monkey's bust.

I have some doubts though.


It was shown as an original,but it came without the original packing.

Also I had to remove a lot of flash and needed heavy greenstuffing..

Could be a knock off.


However I will paint it..


Started prepping.







Edited by Glitterwolf
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White Primer..


First steps!


*** Sharpen the Axe!***



*** Assemble the Herd!!!***


*** Man will fall!!!***


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Reaper Spectral White and Light Blue.




**** Smash and Burn!!!***


*** Pillage and Defile!!!***


*** For Chaos!!!***





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I will!!!


Scale 75 Decayed Metal.

Brown Gray,



**** Gggrrhhhrrmmmm!!!!****


*** WAAAARRRRR!!!!!****




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Scale 75 Graphene Gray

Reaper Stained Ivory



**** For Chaos!!! For Slaanesh!!!***


*** You're Pain is My Pleasure!!! ****









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He's looking baaaaaaahhhd elf!

::P: ::P: ::P:


That's it for today!


Hope to paint some more tomorrow.


I'm trying to make him a Slaangor!


Chaos Beastman dedicated to Slaanesh ( yes GW lore, their background is was amazing!)

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Vallejo Orange Fire, base for the eyes.




*** Your village will burn!***


*** Your crops will be despoiled***


*** Your life will end!!!***





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Some Scale 75 Old Copper and Brown Gray.



*** The Gor will triumph!!!***


*** CHAOS rules supreme!!!***







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Vallejo Orange Fire and Fluo Yellow.

Reaper Spectral White

Scale 75 Tenere Yellow and Purity White and Decay Black


I think the eyes are done!


****  The gaze of Chaos is upon you!!!***






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I fixed him to the plinth so I van handle him without paint chipping off.


Plinth will be painted too, so no problem there..


*** All will fall for Chaos!!!***


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Doooood, this is sooo awesome. :wub:  I forgot you got this guy. Mustresisttempation. :down:


Thx..I do have a few more busts....

Slowly I will paint them all and then buy moar!


Erm.. yes...moar!

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