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Frostgrave Female Archer (Converted North Star Plastic)

Chris Palmer

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Very nice!



Very cool, nice conversion!



She looks the part. You did a SPLENDID conversion along with some BEAUTIFUL brushwork...nice job on the white stuff. OUTSTANDING WORK!



Great conversion. I love the purposeful and determined eyes. Perfect!



Awesome conversion!



Thank you all for the positive comments!  I'm glad you like how she turned out!

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Nice work! I haven't tried to work with any of NorthStar's plastics yet, but it looks like they should mix and match pretty well with other stuff, even if the size is a little off. Also, that's a zombie head??



Thanks, David!  Yes, the North Star plastics are pretty nice.  I've combined them with some GW bits in the past as well.   And, yes, that is one of the heads from the zombie sprue...as you can see, they vary in the amount of zombification they represent; this one being completely normal in appearance. 

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