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Here is my 5th mini painted ever. I went with a very simplified color scheme (only 3-4 colors total). I want to add some more detail, especially around the eyes, but I rather like how it came out for being roughly 1.5 hours of work. If only I could get the staff to stay straight...




Next I plan to tackle something bigger than ever before!

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Yeah, I need to re-take pictures of all my minis. I want one of those nice backgrounds so that they can be seen better. Thank you though. I was especially happy with the squid head. Now to figure out what color to make the eyes...


I have just googled some nice pics, and printed those out, cheap and handy backdrops till I find something awesome..

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If you do a search for reptile eyes, they have sorts of cool looking eyes that make nice, handy references.


He looks great, especially for a speedpaint.  Its a shame he staff won't stay straight.

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Not something to try now that he is painted, but you know about the boiling water/ice water trick right?


Dip your mini in boiling water and it will become soft as can be.  Shape it like you like it and then plunge it into a bowl of ice water.  It should retain the new shape you put it in.  Sometimes the plastic gods are unkind and the mini has a memory and simply will not be realigned.  But most of the time that will straighten weapons, change poses, bend legs for a mount etc.


Nice paint job, but i am dying to see you add some detail to that trim - lots in the sculpt for you to pick out and make him more opulent and regal!

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Do you have any you can suggest? I'd be ok with just printing something out.


To be honest I googled Photo Backdrops and Fantasy wallpapers and those two provided enough stuff for me.


Just pick what you like yourself.


I have found that there are a lot free pics you can print out and use.

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I see all the detail in the trim and i want it to stand off the silver... gold highlights? clear sapphire drybrush?


It just seems like there is a lot of detail in the sculpt that could be reinforced with paint - even just picking out the dots in the borders


sorta takes it out of the realm of speedpaint, but it could be fun!

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    • By Cicciopiu
      Hello forum family,
      wanna show you this very nice mini; I know, I'm late (or extremely early...), but I was busy with a bust and did not found the time to paint anything else :P
      This is a speedpaint (for my standard) I've painted her mostly wet-blending; my attempt was to create a creepy looks but not too much (she is still a Christmas ghost!).
      I'm pretty happy of her, nothing special, but it took me a couple of hour to paint her so I'm satisfied :)

      Hope you'll like her as much as I do :P
      Every C&C is, as always, more than welcome!
      Oh, and... Merry Xmas!  :°D
    • By Citrine
      Here are a bunch of Wizkids unpainted minis, speed painted in 1 hour or less spent on each, and no fancy basing either.  The latter ones are based on Reaper bases, I think the Wizkids bases are too thin.
      Oxen (2) - SKU WZK73099

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    • By BardicDave
      My goal here was to push myself to go as fast as possible. Start to finish it took approx. 2.5 hours, which is definitely a record for me. Contrary to my usual practice, I painted the integral base; when I do get around to doing a proper base, I will likely integrate it into the display. C&C welcome.


    • By Cicciopiu
      Hello forum Family, Ciccio is back with more awful minis! 
      I'm trying to get the Blood Rage minis painted ATM, and well... no problem with big guys like the troll or the frost giant, but the smaller minis... O  M  G!
      The worst sculpt I had to paint in my life... really CMON?
      Anyway, is a game, I don't pretend the super quality, and do not need to paint every mini perfectly...
      Let's get it started:

      the whole party (sorry for the bad pic...):

      The Valkyrie:

      The Soldier of Hel:

      The Volur Witch:

      The Dark Elf:

      The Dwarf Chieftan:

      As you can see nothing special, tabletop standard.
      Not so "Speed painting" cause of the lack of detail/bad sculpt, anyway from 1 hour (fro the Witch) to 4 hours (the Valkyrie).
      Hope you'll like them. 
      C&C welcome as always.
      Thank you!
    • By Rob Dean
      We were basically on apocalypse watch at work today, so I decided to take my mind off it for a little while at lunch with a speedpaint (60 minutes). Over the weekend I prepared a handful of Ral Partha individuals, inspired by my recent trip to Cincycon, so I brought a group of four with me today.
      I tried this guy as a warm-up; it’s been a while since I painted a true 25 metal individual. I wanted to use lighter colors because I usually tend towards dark.  I hoped that the Heart Throb Pink over the Cinnamon Red would look faded.  It needs more blending to stand up to be photographed at this level of enlargement.  I’m also not sure what the extra layer of cloth at the right (but not left) wrist is suppose to be, so I painted it grey. 
      I will post a picture of him based, hopefully tomorrow.


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