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Her eyes are *amazing*!!!  As much as I dispare of ever getting even close to your level of painting, seeing you paint (so to speak) is really inspiring. ::wub:

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You are so nice!!!

It's just practice, practice, practice :)

The more you paint the more "muscle memory" you get and it's easier to remember what works for you each time.

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It helps my skin but not so much painting, wait ...

I mean not that I would bathe in blood... but I don't have many fine lines as I get closer and closer to 40.

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Attempt at NMM, which I never do. Miniature Monthly has their NMM tutorial coming out today so hopefully I can improve this over the weekend.

I like that NMM has a more graphic look which goes well with a Blizzard video game character



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I tried tweaking the NMM off the miniature monthly tutorial. It did mean switching to grey instead of blue since I used the same colors as Liz...



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I think I like the blue more, but the grey looks great too

I like the blue more for her as well, I'm gonna experiment with some blue but on another mini cuz I'm filling all the details in on Alma. The hard thing will be finding a mini in my 20 that has enough armor haha!

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