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77047: Goldar, Male Barbarian

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I've been painting on this guy whenever I had leftover paint for the last year or so; it seemed like time to finish him up. 


C&C are welcome, but tips on what to do about his hair would be especially welcome.






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Simple Eyes: paint black where the eyes are. Paint white in the black, leaving a black oval ring around the white. Paint a small black or dark color dot in the middle.

I am only giving away this secret because of the awesomeness of the hair.

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Cool guy with that mohawk.


Highlight the hair with a little blueish or grey tone.


A bit at the bottom ( close to the head) and at the tips.

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You can't see it well, but the blue significantly improved his hair. I followed the eyes advice (poorly) and now he is wonderfully pouty. I might fix that, but I honestly kind of like it this way.




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      I'm a noob (about 5-6 weeks of painting) but am happy with this guy and his rusty armor!
      Would love some C & C from anyone though!

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      This is the very first fig that I ever bought, 8 or 9 years ago.  It was for my first D&D session with some close friends, and I fell in love with the game on the spot.  This character has gone through a lot: demonic armor possession, lost both of his eyes, had a hole punched through his chest, died 3 times, came back as a zombie, body taken over by a lich, and currently resurrected in the body of a half-ogre.  I have a new fig for the character and his new body, but this one will always have a special place in my heart.  I finally got around to painting him over the weekend.  His eyes are a little googly, and the attempt at highlighting didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, but I'm glad he turned out OK.  Tips on highlighting would be most appreciated, as that's what I was trying out on this one.  Thanks as always!

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      I am still not happy with the skin tones I have come up with for my basic Zombicide zombies... Most have been too green. So I wanted to try something more of a pale skin to grey color.. And believe it or not I am out of Bones zombies and that's to experiment on. So I found Goldar who is my proxie zombie. 
      What do you guys think? I am actually happy with this one for two reasons: I painted him I about two hours total and I think this skin tone will work for my standard Zombicide zombies. It is VMC 2 parts basic skin tone to 1 part sky grey. Then a light wash of Army Painter dark tone Ink. Btw... I am going to stick with their ink since it dries in less than an hour, rather than two days for their quick shade dip.
      Once I get a Caucasian zombie skin I like, then I will have to work on an African zombie skin tone to add some variety.

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      Even a barbarian needs his teddy bear! This was an idea originally tossed around somewhere in the off topic threads ages ago that I'm only now getting around to working on.


      Decided on a slightly more subtle positioning of the bear by tucking it around the back. 
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