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High Exemplar Kreoss by Privateer Press a Newbie WIP

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So since I was kidding Ub3r earlier, I feel its only fair that I post my own WIP (which will likely be slow progress). 




This is High Exemplar Kreoss, a.k.a. Kreoss 1, a.k.a. pKreoss.  A Warcaster for the Protectorate of Menoth in Warmachine by PP.  This is just a quick shot of him primed (along with my lovely thumb as I had to hold it close to the light in order to get any of the details to stick out).  I should have an update tomorrow with some early base coating!

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As promised, some progress.  Not much, but some.  I'm slow and don't get a lot of time to paint, but I'll take what I can get!


Got some of the initial base coating of the top of the model done plus an undercoat for some of the gold parts.  Also went ahead and did the sash since that is hard to reach with the weapon in the way, followed the sash (heather blue) up with some shade and highlights.  Not perfect but a good start on it at least.  Think I over-shaded it a bit, but alas.  










The brown areas (P3 Gun Corps Brown) will become gold.  Plan is for most of the armor to be red (base coated in Dragon Red) with some gold elements when I am all said and done.  The cloak I was originally thinking red as well, but that might be too much red.  The "official" scheme for this guy is mostly white which, frankly, gives me nightmares.  :p  But a dark red (P3 Sanguine Base) is the other main color used.  I'll see how it goes and may decide on a different color for the cloak, but that's the plan for now.


Just out of curiosity, I know that an undercoat works really well for golds, what about other metallics like silver or the various steels?  Do you use undercoats for them too?  If so what colors generally work well for you?


May not get any more progress today since I may have to take Mrs. Gargs to the movies tonight, but we'll see! 


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good start.. looks like you have a plan and it is coming together.. keep pressing forward!


Thanks, hoping to get a bit of work in tonight.

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A little bit of progress last night.  Slow and steady gets the job done . . . eventually . . . right?










Got some shade/highlights on the shoulders then started in on the gold parts.  Still need to shade/highlight the gold and honed steel and then work a bit on some of the details of the face.  Also got a touch of gold on the cloth around his neck so will have to clean that up later.  All in all not too bad for me for an hour's work or so.  


As always C&C are welcome, especially if it helps me get better!



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Decent amount of work yesterday, Finished off the armor and robes and got all the gold base coated.  Been having issues with shading the gold though.  Seems as though its all or nothing with my shades on gold for some reason.  Either too much brown and it just looks brown instead of gold, or not enough gets on to have an effect.  I'm sure its a paint thickness issue, so may keep working on it some more.  On the flip side, I can live with unshaded gold on him.  :)






As for the robes, I think I may need to go back and do another round of highlighting as the highlights don't really seem to stand out.  Thoughts?  Could just be the dark red (HD Dragon Red) that I was using though as the dark reds seem difficult to highlight well.


Otherwise, I just have the weapon to finish and then clean up the base, which is good since I have a few minis I need to work on for my Pathfinder session next weekend!


As always, comments, critiques, suggestions most welcome!

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