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[Pathfinder] The Dragon's Demand


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The trap door is not locked. It opens with a slight creaking sound, revealing anther iron ladder on the wall. You see there is nothing blocking the way down with your darkvision. Placing the light through &  over the hole you see the following:


1st Dungeon Room


(note it's not obvious unless you blow up the map but the ladder that leads up to the ground floor is in the far right chamber in the NW corner.)


"The walls of this chamber have buckled precariously in several places, and masonry and dirt are scattered across the floor—the collapse above plainly caused this structural damage. The dry-rotted frames of five simple beds lie against the north and south walls. To the southwest, the room broadens into a larger chamber."
There is nothing threatening in the room.
After dropping down into the room, you see the following:
"A rusted, grinning iron statue stands in an alcove in the north wall between the two wings of the room itself, and in the wall to the south is an old iron door."
Thou, as Mal rounds the corner to see the iron statue & into the other room, 2 multi-legged creatures squirm out of the Northeast corner of the second room & attack!! 
Everyone make Perception checks to determine surprise & then afterwards Roll for initiative!!
Giant Centipedes Init:  5 
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The 'pedes gain surprise on everyone (25). They will attack, Mal & Bregan in the Surprise Round


Surprise Round


Mal, you get 'pede #1: It tries to bite you but gets it's multiple legs all tangled up & falls flat on it's face. (rolled a 1). Everyone will get  a prone bonus to attack in the 1st round.


Bregan, you get 'pede #2: It also tries to bite you. If your AC is a 15, (remember you are flat-footed for this round, lose DEX bonus if any), it's hits for 2 pts + make a poison save vs a 13. If not no damage.


Round #1


Bregan 19

Auberon 16

cdorf 8

Mal 7

'pedes 5

Col K 2


You're up Bregan!!

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"Arg!. Get of me leg ya bestie. Take that, and that!" cries Bregan as he stabs down into the 'pede and then spinning the spear attempts to knock it away.


(Flat-footed AC is a 14 so he takes the dam.


Save vs poison is [13+6 = 19].


First attack [18+1 = 19, damage 6+2 = 8]


Second attack [16+1 = 17, damage 4+1 = 5])

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