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Please see the main post here for rules, questions and general chatter, while using this thread to keep a list of links to your show-offs or show-off related comments in a single post: A reminder to please adhere to miniatures posting guidelines as usual.
All the information you need should be here.

Due to the revised format, there will be more than one bonus challenge available for this month. Including a “Hard mode†which Is some combination that may or may not have a source behind it.

January and February 2017

Your challenge is: 8!

Bonus Challenge – The First!
In honor of having a Friday the 13th, Paint a mini up in your best rendition of a classic horror creature. It does not have to resemble the actual creature/character in physique, just paint job.

Bonus Challenge – The Second!
A return of our challenge from last year: Fingerpainting! That is, except for priming and sealing, using no other paint applicator besides fingers. And no – enlisting the help of a smaller friend/family member/minion does not qualify. WITH an adjustment this time: It must be a creature of some form or another – no easy ways out with chests/crates/etc.

Hard Mode Challenge!
Monochrome Microbust: This is easiest with a bones figure for obvious reasons. Take a mini and cut off part of the body so that it resembles an otherwise normal miniatures bust. For purposes of this challenge, the figure must be no larger than a ‘medium’ creature (but should be at least vaguely humanoid) and “Bust†will be defined as – arms no longer than just above the elbow, and chest no further down than the navel. The exception is if the hair goes further down, you may preserve the hair but the rest of the body must still be gone. Monochrome may denote any singular color you want (even grayscale) but you may only use black and white to change the color of the base one chosen.  – Please reserve any questions on this challenge for the chatter thread.

Hidden challenge:
Fancy Date Night Makeover: Paint up a miniature that's wearing normal medieval or sci-fi armor/clothing into a fancy tux/suit/dress appropriate for date night. Minis that are already wearing appropriate date night attire don't count. (Think kind of like those tuxedo tshirts or similar - full plate armor with a suit and tie painted on it or so.)

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

Place holder
Will migrate stuff when I have access to a computer. ..


Access and remembering to do it now..... :unsure:



From December, / and new stuff....

Currently working on:

  1. 4 Battlefront 15mm M113 APC WiP (Consolidated Battlefront WiP)
  2. 27 Battlefront 15mm Modern US Infantry figures on 9 bases WiP (Consolidated Battlefront WiP)
  3. Red Gunhildr & Little Svein Swiftfoot (Red Box) WiP
  4. Hawkeyed Arvid & Pretty Laerke (Red Box) WiP
  5. 3d Printed 15mm Bridge (no WiP yet)
  6. Hasslefree HFX007 Gen's Altar WiP
  7. Red Box Njorn Thugs (5) WiP
  8. Pentacle Base WiP
  9. Frostgrave Statue WiP
  10. 6 Battlefront M106 4.2" Mortar carriers WiP
  11. 1 Battlefront 15mm M113 APC (the Mech Co Commander's Track that I forgot to do with the others...) WiP
  12.  Chainmail Orc Druid WiP (hangouts mini of the month)
  13. Homer Simpson Statue for Frostgrave WiP
  14. Burger King Pyramid For Frostgrave Wip
  15. Reaper Treasure Hoard 1 (02313) WiP
  16. 4 Battle Front M1 Abrams Tanks  WiP
  17. Reaper minis 77381 WiP

Like I really needed more stuff to do.... :blink: 



I am going to consider each vehicle, and each base of Infantry as 1 28mm mini....

.(After all 27x15= 405, 405mm/28mm=14.4, so I think that's fair!)



  1. 4 Battlefront 15mm M113 APC WiP (Consolidated Battlefront WiP)
  2. 27 Battlefront 15mm Modern US Infantry figures on 9 bases WiP (Consolidated Battlefront WiP)
  3. Red Gunhildr & Little Svein Swiftfoot (Red Box) Show Off
  4. Hawkeyed Arvid & Pretty Laerke (Red Box) Show Off
  5. Hasslefree HFX007 Gen's Altar  Show off
  6. Frostgrave Statue Show Off
  7. Red Box Njorn Thugs (5) Show Off
  8. Pentacle Base Show Off
  9. 1 Battlefront 15mm M113 APC (the Mech Co Commander's Track that I forgot to do with the others...) WiP
  10. 6 Battlefront M106 4.2" Mortar carriers WiP
  11.  Chainmail Orc Druid (hangouts mini of the month) Show Off

Will likely do a show off with the APCs and Infantry soon, as I will need to break out the terrain stuff again....

(As I will be finishing up the entire Team Yankee Project within the next 2 weeks or so (2-24-17 today) I will likely set up a full 6'x4' table for a show off of the Task Force...)


Wow, I seem to be on a spree....


I may just equal last YEARS total in the first 2 months due to the Team Yankee Stuff..... :blink:

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Personal target for January: 31 target surpassed

Personal target for Febuary: 28 (Didn't paint anything for almost a month. Got started Feb 26th...)


Bones Shadow Demon (fingerpainting bonus challenge)

Bones Great Worm (classic monster bonus challenge


7 Chronopia Swamp Goblins with Blowpipes

Bones Grave Wraith translucent

2 Bones Barrow Rats

1 Bones Hell Cat

1 Bones Basilisk

1 Avatars of War Necromancer

Painted January: 33 / 31. + 2 beyond target
Painted so far Febuary: 31 / 28  +3 beyond target, all 31 done in 3 days!
Painted so far this year: 64 / 365. Just 301 to go!
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January/February Goal: 8


# 1:  Reaper Bones 77222 Aaron the Conjurer

# 2-5:  Talisman 4th Edition Toads

# 6:  Talisman 4th Edition Ghoul

# 7:  Talisman 4th Edition Wizard

# 8:  Talisman 4th Edition Priest

# 9:  Talisman 4th Edition Prophetess

# 10:  Talisman 4th Edition Sorceress



# 11:  03154: Lorelei, Dyrad - Microbust

#12-13:  Grenadier Cliff Dragon


Current Cycle:  13

2017 YTD:  13 / 52

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1. The Evil little mermaid - http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72672-the-evil-little-mermaid/

2. Callie the bones rogue - http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72673-callie-female-rogue-reaper-bones-77033/

3. The winter fairy

4. Marid



DGS Bodyguard

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1-2. Stone Giants (Show-Off)

3. Street Thug (Show-Off)

4. Svetlana, Frost Giant Princess (Show-Off)

5. Boerogg Blackrime, Frost Giant Jarl (Show-Off)

6. Queen Ileosa (Show-Off)

7. Male Thunderknight (Show-Off)

8. O-Sayumi (Show-Off)

9-10. Vulture Demons (Show-Off)

11. Red Dragon Hatchling (Show-Off)

12. Eando Kline (Show-Off)

13. Black Dragon Hatchling (Show-Off)

14. Green Dragon Hatchling (Show-Off)

15. Blue Dragon Hatchling (Show-Off)

16. Arran Rabin (Show-Off)

17-20. Dwarf Adventurers (Show-Off)


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Jan/Feb 2017


1-2 Papa blue dragon

3-4 Derro warriors 

6.  heroine in sensible shoes 

7-10 guys with swords 


challenge- mirco-bust  night slip  is primed, and should make a great bust. 


Additional revised 

3-7 all 5 bones derro 

8 Ingrid, female viking 

9 Sir Forescale 

* 10 Nightslip microbust 

11 Hell bug 



12 Sir Conlan  for reaper FB group painting contest 

13 beastman with axe. 

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      One of the first things I noticed was how the magnetized masts SNAP to the deck, hard.  That's what you want, so they'll stay firmly in place.  But when you remove 'em, they'll likely scratch the heck out of the painted deck.  So I plan to cut disks of black felt to glue to the underside/ magnet-side of the masts, so that when they stick, they're more gentle.  Thin felt should not affect how they stick, but it should make a big difference on the ship's wear and tear.
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