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Flames of War 4th Ed. Free Rule Books

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So if there are any of you folks out there that played FoW, and don't follow that forum, Battlefront has announced that the new 4th Ed rule set is coming out this year.


and as before, they are giving away FREE rule books to those that already play the game.



Free Version Four Rulebooks?

With every new edition of the Flames Of War rules, we have given away free copies to all existing players to say thanks for being a player and welcome to the new version. When we went from version 2 to version 3 we gave away 26 tonnes of books â€“ that’s the same weight as a T-34 tank! You might even say that we are Fearless Veterans when it comes to this process.

This time around it is no different, except that you will be getting TWO books, not one.

The first one is a full-sized set of rules, an 112-page, A4-sized book, formatted for existing Early-war and Late-war players. The game rules are identical to the hardback version, only instead of referring to the Unit Cards that we will be using in Mid-war, they refer to the current book range, allowing all existing books to still be used for those two periods.

take a look at their site for more details....


So even if you are currently not playing, as I am not, make sure to visit your FLGS anyway for an updated rules set...


'Cause you never know if you might start playing again!


SGT George

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That sounds like...a lot of free books.  :unsure: Is the company doing well enough that it can afford such a big loss leader?



--OneBoot :D

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It's one of the ways that they are different from a certain other miniature games company....

They have been expanding their lines since they started out, and while they have hiccups here and there, they are a great company.....


They Have Reaper Level Customer Service....


Back when I was actively playing their games, I would have said that Reaper has Battlefront Level Customer Service......

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      Situation: August 1st, 1985
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      (This is a 6' by 4' terrain table that I set up to take pics for this show off. These are all piece from my WW II collection, as I have not purchased any of the new 'modern' buildings....)
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      Task Force 'Meatball' C Co, 1-33 Armor, 3rd US 'Spearhead' Armored Division, Captain Calvin 'Meatball' Albondega, commanding, has occupied it's wartime deployment fighting positions....

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      (The company was finishing up transition training from the M60A3 tank to the new M1 Abrams tank at Grafenwoehr / Hohenfels training areas, where 1st platoon was the only platoon to have the chance to finish painting their tanks from the base color that they came from the factory in...)
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      Some pics of what the Soviet Forces would see....
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      (I placed the camera on the table to give a 'mini's eye view')
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      Thanks to all those folks that followed along in the wip to give encouragement!
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      Bravo 66, This is Bravo 36, SITREP, over
      This is Bravo 66, Send it
      This is Bravo 36 Have occupied forward positions in the outskirts of Gelnhausen, Negative enemy contact, over
      This is Bravo 66, continue to observe, Be aware that friendly Snakes will be passing through the area, over
      This is Bravo 36, Wilco, out
      So some wolf asked that I take some pics of the M1 Abrahms tanks and other Flames of War models I am painting for a friend...
      I set up a small bit of terrain, about 2' by 3'
      And placed the models in it...
      Company HQ section and M577 Command post objective:
      2nd platoon:

      Snakes, ie Huey Cobras
      The buildings are from Sentinal Miniatures, and come apart so as to be able to put infantry inside.
      The trees are from Woodland Scenics, The Green Mat from GW
      I can't remember the company the roads come from...
      The green fel represents the actual area that is 'woods' for game purposes. the trees are moved when models need to move through the space.
      Everything else terrain -wise is scratch built.
      Thanks for Looking!
      SGT George
      WiP Here
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      So now that ReaperCon 2016 is over , my painting desk is clear of pretty much everything, as for the last few months, everything was directed towards that...
      So I am taking on a project for a good friend, who recently had his first child, and no longer has much time for anything....
      We play a game called Flames of War, which is 15mm WWII, and the company that released it, Battlefront,  has come out with a new variation called Team Yankee, The title comes from a novel by Harold Coyle about an American Tank team in Germany during World War III circa 1985...
      Your humble Drow is taking this on as a labor of love, because if the events in the book would have been true, He would have been one of those tank crewmen involved in the  fighting.....
      So I am painting his force as C company, 1st Battalion, 33rd Armored Regiment, 3rd Armored Division....
      I served in B Co and Headquarters cos while there, so that is what I will eventually do my troops as....
      Anyway the kits are all plastic, just like the 1/35th scale models i used to build back when...
      The sprues:
      That builds 1 M1 Abrams Tank, depending on what version you wish to build, there are different parts....
      He also shipped me the US paint set, and 2 cans of the base coat / primer for the US Forces...

      (Aren't the bullet bottles cute? they are only 12ml though.....)
      Battlefront originally had Vallejo doing their paints, and now I believe it is Army Painter...
      So I assembled the hull and turret of one last night to use as my test bed, spraying overall with the Yankee Green spray, and painting the track pads and rubber of the road wheels with Vallejo Black Grey...
      So tonight I am going to read up a bit on what BF thinks is appropriate colors, then mask the tracks and break out the airbrush for some 3 color camo, US Army style, 1985....
      Thanks for looking!
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