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77369: Bones translucent Shadow & 03027: Spectre WIP


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I have 2 of the clear bones shadows and 1 of the original spectres in metal. I might pick up another bones one.

I'll be trying to paint these a few different ways, so they'll be distinguishable, but also similarly enough that they might be thought of as a unit.


The metal spectre will be painted as a solid being, doing the reverse dry-brush, and glow-in-the-dark medium.

One of the bones minis will use magenta, purple, payne's grey, prussian blue, dioxazine purple, maybe a pthalo and some warlord purple, and spectral glow for solid paints. I am going to do some experimenting.


This will probably be done slowly through march or april


I may do some zombies really quickly to go along with all this.

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Sometimes it's good to remember how far we've travelled. Also, the guy on the left glows in the dark a tiny bit (not enough to photo, but I'll try).

The painted one isn't as transparent as I hoped, but you can still see through. I'm going for more of that with #2


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#2 Got a bit of work for the first time in forever.

I had an initial drybrush of Spectral Glow



Didn't like it, so I re-applied the inks. Didn't like that (so I didn't even take pictures).

Then re-applied Spectral Glow. Didn't like that either, but that's where we are.



Outside of touching up the chest, the eyes, the forehead, and mouth with inks... any thoughts on how to rescue this?

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Adding photos
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