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My Depeche Mode 'Tribute.'

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Reflecting on my past while doing this makes me proud of the steps I've taken in my life. I discovered DM when I was about 17-18, the same time I weighed 255 pounds, there were issues with my mother and father, my grandmother had her strokes, I was at a dead end job, I couldn't drive, hadn't started college, was in an angry place and frustrated with nearly everyone around me, and was all around not happy with a lot of things about myself. It made me grow up quicker. Depeche Mode's music meant a lot to me then, especially the albums ULTRA, Songs of Faith and Devotion, Violator, and Music For the Masses. Most of the music I like is music that I can identify with in some way and/or find my own meanings in, DM was able to hit all the right feels. The music hasn't gotten old and it still soothes and motivates. I finally saw them live with the person I love most in Chicago of 2013. Am totally grateful for their musical talent and wisdom. This is my second go at the canvas, and I hope you think the painting is fun. It looks sweet on my wall.


'46 Minutes.' All albums referenced: Violator, Delta Machine, A Broken Frame, Black Celebration, Music For The Masses, Playing The Angel, Ultra, Sounds of The Universe, Exciter, and Songs of Faith and Devotion.


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