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14012 :: Gauntfield :: as Harrow, Reidlar of Terror


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Great job!!!


Love the base!


That is gorgeous, and the placement of the tree works perfectly for his pose. Good job.


Thank you, guys.


He is a BEAUTIFULLY painted & based creation made EVEN MORE WONDERFUL by the fact that I'm presently working on the same miniature...inspiration is an appreciated commodity. VERY WELL DONE!


Thank you, Mal.  Post the link to the WIP/Show Off.

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Very, very cool!


Wow! That's pretty dang awesome, well done!


Thank you.


Was just talking to one of my gaming buddies who helped me build the Markshire setting on Neverwinter Nights and I think I might create a larger diorama for Hallow.  Specifically a section of his Courtyard with all of the pumpkins and smaller scarecrows.


Keep an eye out for it ... it's now on my to do list.

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    • By Zloyduh
      Just in time for the season!
      I happened to be going through some sort of a creativity crisis.  I would start on a figure and almost right away stop feeling it.
      This guy seemed to shake me up quiet nicely.  Although, I did get tired at the end and rushed a few things.  But, as I remember, the profys recommend "paint more minis" as oppose to sitting over one for eternity trying to get it to perfection.

    • By Inarah
      This was a fun little project from earlier this spring.  I added a branch to her tree to give it more dimension and more places to glue "leaves" to. 

      Link to full frontal view
    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      And once again, Halloween and the Coming of the Great Pumpkin are imminent! To celebrate this (and my new painting area finally being functional.) I present Fellclaw...

      A relatively easy paint, although I did have a moment of confusion concerning the knife in his belt, as I initially mistook it as being folds in the cloth.

      and here's a comparison shot with Reaper's Rotpatch scarecrow..

      One of these days I'll have to put together a cornfield for them to lurk in.
    • By KruleBear
      Another one bites the dust….😆
      One of my favorite sculpt…but in the old Bones plastic. I put a little extra into the base, otherwise it was a pretty straight forward zen of Bones quick paint job. Overall I like the scheme and it has given me ideas for when I paint my metal version. Not sure about the green face and the blue glow under the rib cage is too subtle. 

      And as an aside …..the quality of Testors Dullcoat is not nearly as good as it was a decade ago. The newer formulation continues to give me a semi gloss finish.  Oh well. 
    • By Mnutz
      Does anyone know if the two victim sculpts in the tree of despair set will (or are) ever going to be available separate from the set? I need a couple dozen. Thought about creating my own but id rather spend my money here first if possible. Alternatively is anyone aware of a reaper figure i could use as a substitute? Thank you all for any help.
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