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My First Mini: 77200: Sir Conlan


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what they all said!


There was a post somewhere, that Ub3r started where we all showed our earliest efforts....


But my search fu is failing.....


Search fu functioning....


Thread here


WOW!  I looked through that posting and I was astonished at how much change I saw!  Even though I don't post much, I have been around the forums a bit and I have seen the work of many people who posted and I cannot believe that some of those earlier pictures are from them!  That makes me feel very hopeful of my abilities.  I see what you all mean now when you say the I just need to keep painting.  Thank you for sharing that!

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You're well past "not too terrible." That's an incredible first effort!


For shaking hands, try bracing them on something. Like, firmly rest the heels of both hands on a stable desk, and paint like that ( or brace them on each other, or whatever else works).  

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