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Talisman 4th Edition Toads

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It ain't easy being green... especially for the third frog from the right! Good job on thone frogs!


 The green ones are all slightly different as well.  Putting all those shades of green and olive to work!

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Wow, a real blast from the past!  We used to play a TON of Talisman, I think it was 2nd edition.  If that was the latest version available in the UK about 30 years ago, then that is the one I mean...  A friend picked it up on a school exchange trip overseas when we were in 8th grade.  I'm sure someone in my game group still has it packed away somewhere, but I am going to push for it to come back out next time we do a board game night... as long as it's not on a work night!  - I seem to recall it being a bit of a marathon.


The toad... LOL, we used to call it getting "TOADALLY TOADALLED"   :)


Good job on the minis, our edition didn't have any minis, just cards, but we did sometimes use our minis instead of the game pieces.   Thanks for posting those - seeing them "toadally" made my day...



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