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Good job! You nailed the eyes, something I still struggle with.


Thank you, RouterMike!   I struggle with doing eyes too.  As I said above, I have to give credit to 50% skill and 50% luck to how her's turned out. :)



Wow!  She looks amazing!  If you ever decide to add a captain to a warband, I think you just found your mini.  So much attitude and armed to the teeth.  Seems like everything I'd want in a captain!


Thank you, Pippin!   Hmmm...she would make a awfully good Captain, wouldn't she?  Quail will have to consider that!  :)



She looks wonderful and definitely ready to kick some tail!


Thank you, vegascat!   



Nice Job. her eyes are awesome


Thank you, tiniest! 





Thank you, Xherman!

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That is phenomenal work!  I saw this one in the store and didn't care for the half-orc part but you did a great conversion on it.  Those eyes are amazing too!



Thank you, Baldur!    Yes, I wasn't sure whether her facial features would be too orc-ish when I started out, but as I studied the face I realized that other than the fangs, she has very gentle facial features. 

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