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Great job on him!!


I'm also looking forward to seeing the bigger project he'll be part of.

yeah, me too. if I don't paint faster, the estimated completion date will be 2021

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He looks awessssome!!!


I have one of those too, waiting for paint!


I love to see more of your project.

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Yeah, this model will fit your Lost World ::):


It does, and I like seeing your version!


Mine will appear much later...So many things to paint..

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On ‎1‎/‎22‎/‎2017 at 3:09 PM, Nameless said:

Ok, going back to my wolfman now...


So, yeah, after 2 years, I'm back with my wolfman. The deadline for the beastmen project (2021) is still feasible, but I might need to cut number of models to three… Anyway, this one is from Rackham Miniatures, it's called Wolfen Prowler I believe. It's also the first mini I finished since October 2017.




Oh well, I better start looking for the third beastman 

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Wolf looks great, and I missed that snakeman the first time around--that is an exquisite job on an amazing snakeman sculpt. Great stuff!

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Wolfman took me over two years from start to finish. This afternoon I've searched through my unpainted minis, found a frogman, assembled it, primed it and painted it. Few hours vs two years :wacko:

Will try to post pics tomorrow.


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The promised Frogman ^_^It's from Aradia Miniatures and as a Toad King it was supposed to have a crown on its head. Well, let's just say I'm a bit clumsy, so no crown on my copy… Or there was a revolution in the Kingdom of Frogs… 

You will notice I have not attached the back view. From that perspective it is pretty obvious that it's Mr. Frog, not Mrs. Frog, so the pic would be against the board rules. Follow the facebook link in my signature and find it, if you are brave enough :poke:





And, a family pic of the beastmen guardians as of now.


Edited by Nameless
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