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The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch

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About this project

Rise of Moloch is a Victorian, adventure board game for 2 to 5 players. One player will act as the Nemesis and take control of the secret society called The Cult that plans to install a government of the dead. The rest of the players cooperate as the Gentlemen of the Unicorn Club, dedicated to foiling the conspiracies that threaten the Crown.


Rise of Moloch is set in the fantastic, steampunk setting of 'The World of SMOG'. This is CMON's second tabletop entry in this universe, the first one being "On Her Majesty's Service." Rise of Moloch is from the same publishers of the popular Zombicide series and Massive Darkness: CMON and Guillotine Games. The amazing art from Keith Thompson and Christophe Madura give Rise of Moloch a classy and elegant look, complemented by its amazing miniatures!

c3fbed36598f3cfe47b284bce6595ce7_originaOur Gentlemen: Abigail, Emma, Drago, Walther and Major

In Rise of Moloch, archaeologists have discovered the means to reanimate dead bodies, quickly replacing mechanical inventions with cheap, undead labor, putting England in dire peril. The campaign consists of six different Chapters. Each one has a unique set of goals and losing conditions for both the Gentlemen and the Nemesis to accomplish. There are many different paths players can follow, and everything from Events, to Upgrades, to the results of different battles and encounters will shape the way players experience the game as they progress. No two campaigns are ever the same!


At the start of each Chapter, one of the Gentlemen will be nominated as the Leader and will assign Role Cards to the other players on the team, giving them a unique ability. For example, the Bouncer can dish out extra damage during a battle, and the Samaritan can heal teammates. All the Gentlemen of The Unicorn Club also have a Class, and will upgrade their skills in different ways throughout the campaign. The Classes are: Knight, Dilettante, Mekamancer, Arcanist and Monster.


To succeed in their mission, the Gentlemen will have to use some of the fanciest inventions available. Remember to get the right equipment for each of the characters, since some are adept at ranged combat, and others like to get their hands dirty with melee combat. Learning how to use them as a cohesive unit is key to victory! Some special equipment or actions might require a rare and special resource to be activated: ETHER. But beware! Once used by the heroes, Ether becomes available for the Nemesis to use on one of his henchmen, activating their special abilities. So the more Ether the Gentlemen use, the more powerful the Nemesis becomes!


While the Gentlemen have special class abilities and the most modern machinery at their disposal, the Nemesis will be able to use unpredictable Chaos Cards they have in hand to surprise the heroes. As the game evolves, several cards will be acquired and can be constantly activated when their Ether cost is paid. Those permanent cards can allow the Nemesis to bring various types of surprises to the game, such as summoning new Minions, boosting an attack with dice, etc.


Players will have to carefully make their decisions according to the style of each Villain character. When playing with the members of the Grotesque Company Circus, for example, you will find that Titus is a strongman who is heavy on the muscles, but light on the brain power, and the Hammersmith Sisters are two heads sharing one body... but they hold a single talent for swinging a mallet!

c563c5b71fd839c22e699a1e767b1f5f_originaThe crew from the circus: The strong Titus, the Killer Clowns and the crazy Hammersmith Sisters

Each member of the The Cult and the twisted family of the Grotesque Company Circus has their own double-sided dashboard, presenting 2 different options of abilities for the Nemesis player to choose. While Tobias and Emerson will always gain a bonus when the other one is killed (an effect of their Blood Brothers ability), in different scenarios you can choose if you want to play with a version of Tobias that spawns new zombies or with a version of him that deals more damage to opponents!

234e50c52311ffa2e0f5bdcd5fee90e3_originaThe mighty Moloch and The Cult Agents

In Rise of Moloch, the direction of the game unfolds like a play being performed. However, in this play, the actors are writing the script as they go! All of the action and drama takes place over the course of six different Chapters. The board will change each Chapter, with the streets and buildings of London coming together to form the stage for the play. Just as with any good performance, Rise of Moloch has Intermissions between the Chapters. Normally, this is a time for the audience to ruminate over what they’ve seen and wait for the next part of the play. But in this story, the Intermission is where some of the most crucial decisions in the game will take place, since this moment is all about getting stronger for the future Chapters of the game!


For each Chapter of Rise of Moloch, the board is set up with different tiles to form a stage. Each stage will be a mixture of indoor and outdoor locations constructing the streets, alleys, and buildings of London. The players will have to negotiate their way through doors, walls, and obstructions if they want to complete their tasks. The Chapter unfolds across that stage, with each side using the environments and their team of characters to defeat their opponents.

a8cb92300968be1ba4d6ac8c6d15aebb_originaDifferent overlays and setups: No scenarios look alike!

After a series of fierce encounters with the Agents of the Nemesis (which work like bosses for each Chapter), the intrepid Gentlemen may end up suffering too many Wounds, which will give them a Torment Card. These cards add even more to the story, causing effects like losing an equipment card, a skill, or even having their number of actions reduced! Of course, on the brink of losing their minds, some of the Gentleman might find extra strength and perform a counter-attack action!

ff70f9d3c118d0cd246547d0fec611ed_originaThe right Activation order is key to victory!

At the beginning of each round, Activation cards are laid out secretly on a special dashboard, and both sides take alternating turns revealing the cards. A clever and unexpected sequence of activations can find your adversary unprepared, paving the way to a strategic victory!


The Unicorn Club!

Rise of Moloch comes with:

  • 63 Highly Detailed Miniatures (5 Different Gentlemen; 6 Bobby Minions; 4 Special Chapter Characters; 13 Agents of the Nemesis; 10 Killer Clowns; 25 Zombies (10 Regular; 5 Zombies in Flames; 5 Royal Guard Zombies; 5 Dismembered Corpse Zombies)
  • 5 Heroes Dashboards
  • 14 Villain Dashboards
  • 220+ Mini-Cards (30 Chaos Cards, 20 Torment Cards, 6 Role Cards, 20 Gear Cards, 20 Artifact Cards, 20 Common Arsenal Cards, 15 Expert Arsenal Cards, 10 Royal Arsenal Cards, 48 Upgrade Cards, etc..)
  • 5 Player-Aids
  • 12 Scenery Rooms Overlays
  • Over 150 Cardboard Tokens
  • 1 Activation/Intermission Board
  • 1 Nemesis Board
  • 1 London Fire Board
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Campaign Book
  • 8 Custom Engraved Dice
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As a collector of the SMOG 54mm range this is a no brainer for me....


...or at least it would be if Kingdom Death hadn't been my last Kickstarter

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Still on the fence, but I like the idea of CMON bringing to the boardgame market sculpts and games from very small companies. They did it with the Ron and Bones miniatures, and are doing it again with Smog. 


If any of you can link me to or tell me more about the original SMOG 54mm miniatures and deceased game, I'd appreciate it!

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As someone who loved the original miniature line that got killed to make this nonsense for some reason, heck no.

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As someone who loved the original miniature line that got killed to make this nonsense for some reason, heck no.


What makes you think it was killed to make this rather than it died from lack of sales?

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Sweet Baby Charlie, Thumb and Nail, and Mister Needle sold me on pledging on this one.   So many unusual and bizarre minis.  Plus the game :)

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I'm watching....just in case there is some kind of crossover stuff with one of the CMoN games I already have or will have in the not too distant future.


My wallet hopes they never get around to a new version of Confrontation.

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If there was a 54mm resin Hammersmith sisters I would get that. She's very unique.

But no thanks yet another CMON loaded with KS exclusives will never play it or paint 1/8th of it.

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Little too quirky for me....if it was just general steampunk i'd be in, but off the wall wierd stuff doesnt float my boat.....but for those whos boat is floating you'll get plenty of bang for your 100 bucks.

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I wonder how they managed to convert 54mm molds into little biddy 28mm molds


Read that the originals were "3D", meaning, I guess, that they were computer renders.


After the cogs, the next SG is a cute little doggie with a pragmatic little gas mask.



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