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HEY!!!!! Somebody get after that brain!!!!!- 77229 Reaper Mind Eater Show Off

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I love it! The roller skates would have been funny (I'm with you on lacking in greenstuff skill though) but having it frolicking through the woods is adorable!  :wub:  On top of it being adorable, the base is really great! I like the mix of different flocks that you used, it gives a lot of interest to it! Well done and I'm glad that you learned things while painting this and that I could help you out! I look forward to seeing what you paint up next!  ^_^

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Whoa, that base is gorgeous! Love the mix of colors in the undergrowth. Looks like it's wondering through an Elven wood in spring. I suspect blood vengeance, but maybe it's just out for a stroll and enjoying the weather. First rate paint job on the brain as well. 


The number in the title seems off. Isn't this 77229?

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