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Pezler the Polychromatic

HEY!!!!! Somebody get after that brain!!!!!- 77229 Reaper Mind Eater Show Off

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I love it! The roller skates would have been funny (I'm with you on lacking in greenstuff skill though) but having it frolicking through the woods is adorable!  :wub:  On top of it being adorable, the base is really great! I like the mix of different flocks that you used, it gives a lot of interest to it! Well done and I'm glad that you learned things while painting this and that I could help you out! I look forward to seeing what you paint up next!  ^_^

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'What's that Brainbi....  My mind smells so delicious.  You want me to come closer'...queue the song Born Free in the background 'brain free, as free as the wind blows, as free as the grass grows.......'

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Whoa, that base is gorgeous! Love the mix of colors in the undergrowth. Looks like it's wondering through an Elven wood in spring. I suspect blood vengeance, but maybe it's just out for a stroll and enjoying the weather. First rate paint job on the brain as well. 


The number in the title seems off. Isn't this 77229?

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      Just a few more pieces that I completed over the memorial day weekend.  The problem with these show offs is I don't usually get to post them until after the thread wraps up...
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      Well I said it already I have started a lot of wips and I`m painting at all from time to time and nothing gets finished.
      Lorna The Huntress is a cool sculpt I ever wished to paint and now finaly I started it. I have got 3 wips already and you missed the first 2 ones and so I made a photo collage for you to see the other wip stages too.
      Here you can see what I was talking about already: I start messy. I don`t mind about clean painting at all, but with time it all becomes more clean, finer, it gets more depth, more contrast, more vibrant colours and so on. This is the way I work.
      I have no real concept for her and still consider about a base. Ideas are most welcome
      I have to link her for nudity I`m afraid and the bad news are: My image hoster compressed the images. Aaaaargh. Images are too small, but I hope you see enough. Next time I can upload single photos to my image hoster and because of a different size they won`t be compressed like this big collage. For the final photos of the finished Miniature I will post a link to my homepage and there you also can see all angles of her. Nothing is finished here and I will go on working out all details more.
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