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Hidden Dreams: Lords & Heroes Miniatures


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We would like to invite you to support our second crowdfunding campaign dedicated to high quality resin miniatures. All of them are compatible with Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age.


During our first campaign we showed our possibilities and strong orientation for reaching customers needs and vision of miniatures. Also projects presented in this campaign were started some time ago and developed with The 9th Age community to be as good as it was possible. Our very talented sculptors, artists and manufacturers are doing all their best to provide you with the best products possible. We have hope, and strongly believe, that you will enjoy what you see below.


Your support is very important for us. While we see that our products are still needed we will run future releases. So thank you in advance to give us that possibility.


Offer: 1. Dictator on Vermin Hulk Bodyguard


25€ standard / 75€ painted

1b. Alternative will be unlocked after 25 sold Dictator models


2. Shaman


20€ standard / 55€ painted

2b. Alternative will be unlocked after 25 sold Shaman models


3. King on War Throne


40€ standard / 130€ painted

3b. King on War Throne (without bearers)


25€ standard / 75€ painted

3c. Alternative will be unlocked after 25 sold King models


4. Cuatl Lord


30€ standard / 80€ painted

4b. Alternative will be unlocked after 25 sold Cuatl models


5. Scourge of Wrath / Daemon Prince


35€ standard / 90€ painted

5b. Scourge of Wrath / Daemon Prince with weapon set and scenic base


50€ standard / 105€ painted

5c. Next alternative will be unlocked after 30 sold Scourge models


6. Duke / Knight


15€ standard / 55€ painted

6b. Alternative will be unlocked after 25 sold Duke models


7.Lord of Fightin'

(not finished completely - still some details to add)


10€ standard / 30€ painted

7b. Alternative will be unlocked after 20 sold Lord models


8. SPECIAL OFFER - Sylvan Elves Pack



30€ standard / 100€ painted

8b. Alternative set


Some new possibilities of assembly below, but there are much, much, more!


45€ whole presented set

55€ whole presented set + additional Elk body (possibility to make 2 miniatures)


9. Firstborn on Raptor


+ additional head! fdurjnf5p62moujlomms.png

15€ standard / 55€ painted


10. BONUS OFFER - Music and Standard bearer (Blade Dancers)zvtududapigsk0f8lwl9.png


12€ for 1 set (2 miniatures)

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