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Sacred Sword Miniatures Chibi Miniatures

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Me lol, it's my project.  I can add more photos of the figures that are finished.  Those are actually figures from one of Impacts previous campaigns that they recommended I add in as they aren't in stores yet and they get a lot of extra funding from people padding out pledges with older figures.  Impact never uploaded the actual casts of those figures photos online, I just literally took that photo for you.  
I am sorry I wasn't clear I was running it, I thought you realized.  

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Whelp, my experience with those particular figures is they all had clean casts, and washed up well, the regular mummy and the pony mummy need assembly, the other 4 are single piece, they also have scorpions and scarabs I'll be getting up soon.  I am going to be reorganizing the layout within the next couple days.  I want to make it more clear.  

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On 2/17/2017 at 3:47 PM, The Faceless King said:

I can only speak to my own experience.  Yes, some of the old stuff was pretty rough and had problems.  Everything I have gotten in the past year from new casts was totally fine (minor pinhole bubbles, but I expect that in resin) Here is a look at the egyptian figures for you, it's not all of them, but what I have handy.  



I will echo this.  Trollcast has gotten a lot better, and the new minis that I've gotten from Impact have been significantly better (more like a normal resin run- you've got to clean mold lines and maybe have a couple air bubbles, but the surfaces are WAY smoother than they were before).


If you are ordering older minis, many of them will have been produced before the refinement of the process (it is a bit like ordering Bones minis- all the new ones are in the improved material, but the older ones are up in the air).

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We're on our last 30 hours guys!  Last couple days have been a good uptick in votes.  And thanks for the remark odinsgrandson.  The quality of trollforged has vastly improved over the years.  It's why I was happy to go with them, they are a great quality for the price, and I find the material really easy to work with.  

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there could be a massive influx of pledges in the next few hours! I've seen it happen with other things. <hopes> I have to comment, I really don't normally like chibi figures, but I LOVE these little animal ones. Even if this one doesn't make it, I've definitely followed you on KS for next time (tm)

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Well, if we do have to reboot, we've already reached a wider audience, had a lot of comments on the line-up and layout that we've already started to implement and will implement more of them on the reboot, we've got a lot planned and we'll do what we need to to ensure everything goes a little more smoothly on the relaunch.  

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So guys, two things, one we did cancel, and are planning a relaunch in a couple months.  In the mean time though, Snickernack Studios got a couple of Impacts newer cast figures, after the resin was revised.  I highly recommend checking it out.  

She takes a look at the newer casts, and compares them to some of the problematic older ones.  Especially discussing the QC as well as priming issues.  

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