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From last night...





I decided to try and make the runes and circle etc appear to be lava / flame.... :blink:   (I think I am crazy [more than normally of course!])


and of course I may end up ruining everything by trying OSL.....


and I may try to see if any of the Fractured Dimensions demons and / or devils will look good  on it....

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That really looks SPECTACULAR, George. The Glowing Runes make the base. OUTSTANDING WORK!

Thanks all!


Tonight I added som SC75 Aldebaran Red with some Inktense Red, trying to draw tiny little lines perpendicular to the edges of the runes/ pentacle, then did it again with SC75 Deep Red with Inktense Red...





Next I think I will try VMC Smoke and call the glow done....


Then I may have to 'screw my courage to the sticking point' and try OSL....


and see if there is a mini I could put on there....


Thanks for looking!

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So while painting the stuff on this thing, I noticed that there are some runes carved on the outside of the 4 'pillars'....


So each of them got multiple coats of thinned SC F&G Purity White...


2 of them I plan on bringing up to Green, the other 2 in Blue...

post-14271-0-09655200-1486245931.jpg post-14271-0-77928900-1486245931.jpg

post-14271-0-41015300-1486245932.jpg post-14271-0-08303800-1486245933.jpg


The green ones started with WC Yellow Fluorescent...


and see the pretty mold line? :grr: 


going to have to have something (Flock) growing up the rocks to hide that....

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