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tonight I added a bunch of SilflorTM Buffalo Grass tufts, both 2/4mm & 4/6mm.

Then some Woodland Scenics Fine Turf, Earth

then finally, some Silflor HO scale English Ivy....

The point was mainly to hide the nasty mold lines that I didn't bother with when doing the prep work for a 'simple piece of scatter terrain'....


post-14271-0-42118200-1487222212_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-46080200-1487222213_thumb.jpg

post-14271-0-45859500-1487222214_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-46982500-1487222215_thumb.jpg


close up of the Ivy:



I think it worked out pretty well....


what do you folks think?


I thought about putting some vegetation inside the ring of 'plinths' and then trying to make it look 'burned' by the pentacle, but once again, I chickened out...


Wondering if I need to do anything else?


and no, I am NOT doing any OSL....


I am going to look to see what Demons and or Devil minis I have that  might look cool in the pentacle.....

I do have one more of these unpainted.....


ps I think that that Ivy is AWESOME......

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