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So I did not get these guys during the kickstarter, thinking that the guys with the shields would be more appropriate for Frostgrave, as I did NOT have the rule book at the time....
So I got them later, when I found out that the Njorn Hirdmen were a LOT more expensive!


Another batch of things primed to start base coating at paint day tomorrow!








These guys come in 4 parts, heads, bodies, right and left hands / weapons.

Kind of fiddly assembly, and some green stuff gap filling required.....


Thanks for looking!

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Started at Paint day, and now more work...


Common Colors

VMC Bronze with a small touch of SC F&G Decay Black on the skull cap helms

SC75 Black and Brown Leathers on their boots

GW Scorched Brown, VMC Ivory in their eyes

SC75 Arabic Shadow on the skin

SC75 Black Metal on weapon heads


We are in a very ugly stage right now, with lots of touch ups needed....


post-14271-0-26098600-1485072730_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-02069900-1485072731_thumb.jpg

WC Olive 5 on hood and Tunic

WC Warm Grey 5 on the pants

GW Snakebite Leather on 'Armor'


post-14271-0-82015000-1485072731_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-59499600-1485072732_thumb.jpg

WC Marine 5 on Hood

MSP Sample #2 and Walnut Brown (4/1) on tunic


post-14271-0-15756300-1485072737_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-86592000-1485072737_thumb.jpg

WC Ochre 5 on 'armor'

WC Turquoise 5 on tunic

WC Warm Grey 5 on pants


post-14271-0-61206700-1485072738_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-79642600-1485072739_thumb.jpg

GW Codex Grey on fur

WC Brown 5 on pants


post-14271-0-87517400-1485072740_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-88055200-1485072741_thumb.jpg

MSP Walnut Brown on Fur

WC Warm Grey on pants


My thought here is that the thugs, while recruited from the same place the band comes from, no one was sorry to see them go....

So there will be some common colors used across the band as a whole, as befits people who are buying clothes in the same place...

The thugs however, being basically loners, will have different colors to show that they are a bit different from the rest of the band


Comments and critiques welcome!

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And I like the ideas you have for the clothing colors; can't wait to see how it looks in the end.

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So did more work last night, but finished too late to post the picks....


All items of clothing got another coat of color...


post-14271-0-52667700-1485221509_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-66850600-1485221510_thumb.jpg

WC Blue Grey 5 to his pants


post-14271-0-77571600-1485221511_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-95004200-1485221512_thumb.jpg

WC Blue Grey 5 to his leg wraps


post-14271-0-16116600-1485221514_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-35871700-1485221521_thumb.jpg

WC Blue Grey 5 to his leg wraps


post-14271-0-87175200-1485221522_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-34379500-1485221524_thumb.jpg

WC Blue Grey 5 to his tunic

SC75 Deep Red & Mojave White on his Cowl


post-14271-0-39640500-1485221527_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-90575500-1485221528_thumb.jpg

WC Blue Grey 5 to his leg wraps

SC75 Deep Red & Mojave White on his Sleeves


The reason for the Mojave White is to try to make the clothing look faded...


Thanks for looking!

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So some more work on these guys...


Basically, I touched up their faces with VMC Ivory for their Iris, SC F&G Decay Black for their Pupils, and SC75 Arabic shadow to clean up afterwards...


They then all got the next stage of paint on their clothing by using the previous color with the next lighter color at a 50% mix....

This would be tunics, pants, leggings, cowls/hoods etc

All the guys with "Toothache cloths" (the wrap from under their chins) were done with SC75 Sahara Yellow


A few got some extra things...

post-14271-0-06560100-1485404126_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-83841700-1485404126_thumb.jpg


post-14271-0-62514800-1485404127_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-36875500-1485404128_thumb.jpg

He got MSP Blond Shadow on face fur, and SC75 Pink Flesh in his mouth


post-14271-0-12259400-1485404129_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-88740600-1485404129_thumb.jpg

He got named "Squint-Eye" as I like his right eye, and the left is pretty much now a slit....

He also got  SC75 Pink Flesh in his mouth

His armor did NOT get the 50% mix step up


post-14271-0-65445700-1485404130_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-44204900-1485404131_thumb.jpg

His fur was done with GW Fortress Grey, and then a wash of the "Unknown Recipe" fur wash...


post-14271-0-29324600-1485404133_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-16548200-1485404134_thumb.jpg

He got Named "Beeker" because of his hair, which started with MSP Auburn Shadow

and his fur got GW Scorched Brown...


Thanks for looking!

Comments and Critiques welcome!



so many things to fix, looking at the pics....

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More steps up on all of them...


post-14271-0-91276700-1485490072_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-34155200-1485490080_thumb.jpg






All of them stepped up to the 'pure' #4 color, or the equivalent on all clothing except furs...

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so I did some work over the last couple of nights....

Each War Colour went up to the next 50% (4 &3)

The red on the 2 that have it went to 50% SC75 Aldebaran Red and Mojave white

Skin went to SC75 Basic Flesh


post-14271-0-51722000-1486010435_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-52049900-1486010436_thumb.jpg

post-14271-0-37435800-1486010437_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-21277900-1486010438_thumb.jpg

post-14271-0-89911000-1486010440_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-77959700-1486010441_thumb.jpg

post-14271-0-80963200-1486010442_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-79087900-1486010443_thumb.jpg

post-14271-0-47315500-1486010445_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-91207500-1486010446_thumb.jpg


Thanks for looking!

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