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Well, first of all, NIIIIICE!


Secondly, this is exactly the sort of thing that belongs in the Inspiration Gallery. Now I wanna do something similar.


Thanks for the reply, Doc. I'm glad you like it.

By all means give it a try...doing stuff like this really is a joy. If you have any how-to-do questions, I'd be happy to answer them for you.


Wow. Your mastery of color is amazing. Such vibrancy and life!


I love the witch recruiting piece particularly!


Thanks, Chris...I am glad you like it & I appreciate the reply.

With muted palettes all the rage, I am always happy to hear that my bright colors are enjoyed.

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These are awesome. I like the almost glowing blue shade on the rocks which reinforces the whimsy of your maniacal world.


Thanks MUCHO for the kind reply, KruleBear. I'm glad you like the stuff.

The blue stones are actually a little tribute to my Dad's slate patio...in my memory it glows.

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Not only is the gang awesome!!!!


Seeing them in the Spooky Woods is even better!


Great stuff!!!!


Thanks MUCHO for the kind reply, X! I'm happy you like the stuff AND the setting.

I may not get to game on them, but the boards are working nicely for photos & stories.

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