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Burrowing Horror / Helmasaur king

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No, there isn't a WIP. I used to have a big WIP thread where I put everything I was working on. But I was told that having one big thread is frowned upon now, so I just kind of stopped doing WIPs. Also I tend to paint fairly quickly (I think this guy took me 2 sessions) and don't usually stop to take a lot of pictures.


But I kept notes on what I did, it's all super simple.

Metal: Base in 1:1 mix of pure black and breonne blue. Gradually mix in more and more honed steel, and layer up. Wash with walnut brown. Edge highlight in pure honed steel.

Scales: Base 1:1 blood red/blackened brown. Layer up through lava orange up to sun yellow highlights. Glaze in lava orange, and wash with maroon red.

Claws/teeth: Base oiled leather, highlight up to yellowed bone.

Eyes: Leaf green with a dot of sun yellow.

Line everything in walnut brown


Let me know if you have any questions!

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