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1st Mini and I feel really stuck


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First ever? That's an awful lot better than my first attempts. Don't be afraid to make changes; if anything, being afraid to make changes will be the cause of half your problems because if you don't do things differently you'll repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Be ruthless; if that were my mini I would chop off 75% of it with a craft knife or pull chunks off with a small pair of pliers to get back to the point before it went wrong - not that your sculpt is particularly wrong, it's just unrefined.


These are armatures by Kev White; if you look at the top two, they are more wire than putty but they already look human with the addition of just a little bit of Greenstuff; the secret (as far as I can tell) is that even at this stage, each block (the feet, the chest, the hips, the head) has been neatly and correctly sculpted, not just "blobbed on"; I'm sure there are professional sculptors who do just that, but I find that any errors at the earliest stage tend to get magnified with the next layer rather than disappearing.





I think you should continue with your sculpt without cutting anything off; just be very neat and precise with the next layer; you might find that rolling straight, flat polygonal surfaces (like for example you might make the arms kind of "hexagonal") helps to keep things neat and simple - you can easily round-off the edges so it doesn't matter if they start out flat and angular.


Heads have a lot of angles.. expect that to be a challenge.

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Thanks for the tips! I've read about globbing on vs sculpting and I think the former is faster, but probably bet left to when I know what I'm doing more. Or never. It makes sense to build it anatomically correct from the inside out (that's how I draw, more or less). 


I might cut off the clothing. I should probably finish it without backstepping too much, if for no other reason than just for the sake of having actually finished one. I've made a handful of armatures, but never finish anything. Also, yeah, heads are a pain, haha. 

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As far as ground up sculpting goes, I got stuck at the phase where you are now.  Pushing through and finishing something is valuable.  You might want to comb through some of the other posts of advice given to beginner sculpters in these forums.  

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