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Village Attacks from Grimlord Games


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We've had so many updates!

I'm loving the "Terror & Anguish" add-on from this one:


Werewolf was a great preview, the Illusionist and Plague Doctor look to be great Town Heroes with cool designs, and The Sandman is...made of sand!

(Okay, I'm less excited about him)

The latest update also has some more rules for the monsters.  It looks like each of them will change up the group's strategy:


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You play as the monsters protecting your castle from the mob that's trying to kick them out.  Seems like a cool idea.


Really nice looking sculpts, and there's a minis only pledge (for nice resins).  Surprised this wasn't posted.

And I feel the need to reiterate this- these minis look sweet:



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I'm a little surprised by this one.


On the one hand, the title and premise seem really fun and silly, but the minis are very much on the serious end of things.


The very nice serious end of things.  And on the other hand, every game is a mix of comedy plus whatever the genre is (I've never found a gaming group who keep things deadly serious all the time).  So I'm thinking it works.

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3 hours ago, pcktlnt said:



" We've just received the finished Werewolf sculpt from the Terror & Anguish pack, and he's looking pretty angry: "


He really reminds me of the "Warhammer: Isle of Blood" starter set Rat Ogres.  Not that that's a bad thing...just the proportions and pose.  And arm scars.

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5 hours ago, Balgin Stondraeg said:

One of the village people appears to be an American Indian......


Old news ^_^




New Add-on...


The next add on is here!


 Ancient horrors have arrived in the form of Krampus and the Boogeyman:

Art by Bjorn Hurri & Felix Bauer-Schlichtegroll Art by Bjorn Hurri & Felix Bauer-Schlichtegroll

Where knowledge and skill may fail to combat these threats, Technology and pure rage may win the day! The Engineer and Berserker have come forth!

Art by Bjorn Hurri Art by Bjorn Hurri
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