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Here's my latest newbie WIP.  Trying to take some of what I learned from the Bones LTPK2 and apply it here.  These little guys are for my current Pathfinder campaign.  As you can see here, I've started on the prototype to see if I can get the skin coloration (primarily) and the rest of the scheme looking more or less right.  I intend to have fun with these guys as they are meant to just be sort of the red-headed step children of the fey world (at least among the evil fey anyway).  Needed two sets of these guys, so normally you only get 3 in a package.


Will get around to dotting the eyes of the prototype mite, and am thinking a bright green for the cloak, but not sure how that will look next to the blue skin.  Trying to avoid red though simply because red and blue are always my go to colors, and want something a little different this time around.  Going with the blue skin though because per the lore, they are in fact blue.  Think of them as evil smurfs.  ;)  Anyway, base coat on the skin is Heather Blue for those who are wondering.


Thanks for taking a look!







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Finally got some more work done on Prototype Mite tonight (and a bit yesterday).


One thing I didn't consider when picking these guys out for a paint job was just how freakin small they are!  Even using my smallest points I'm having difficulty in some areas.  Can't get the teeth to stand out yet because they are so small, so I moved on for now and figured I'd deal with them later.  lol










I went with brown for the tunic/pants because let's face it, these guys are gonna need the brown pants when the PCs come a calling.  :)  I think the browns came out pretty ok.  Could maybe use some more shade and highlight, but considering the small area I'm working with I am pretty happy.  The skin is a little more rough so may end up going back over that in the end, but for the most part, am pretty happy.  Now if I could just get the teeth to come out!


The good news is that this is definitely challenging me, which can only make me better.

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The Little Scoundrel is coming along in FINE fashion. I like the skin tones you chose. I loved painting the Mites; I hope you have a similar experience with them.


It's a bit love/hate right now.  :)  The smallness of the fig is causing me some issues as I mentioned, but they are fun little guys and even in the rpg fluff they are pretty much the red-headed step children of the fey world, which means I can have a bit of fun with how I paint them.  The good thing, as I mentioned, is that the small areas are only going to help me improve in the long run.  Plus, I'm inexperienced enough that everything is a good learning experience now.  :)

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Lot of work done today.  Not entirely happy with how the prototype is turning out, but thinking I may need to just move on and "deal with it".  :p






For the most part I like how the green came out, but still can't get his teeth right.  Just having a hard time getting in there with a good tip and not just bloating the mouth with paint.


The dagger is coming along nicely though.  Still need to add some highlight, but liking the undercoat of grass green followed by HD Dragon Bronze.  Not sure if I need to go a little darker on my shade though.  Thoughts?


Also had some time to get to work on the rest of the little buggers.  Got their skin pretty much done.  Still need to do the eyes, mouth, and ears of course before the face is fully done, but all in all a good bit of work today.







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