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February Hangout Figure of the Month: Chainmail Orc Druid


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So last Paint day at the Citadel in Groton CT, I picked up the OOP Chainmail Mini Orc Druid, because folks on the hangouts were talking about him...



Orc Druid


So I spoke to Dilvish, Chaoswolf, & Pezler, (and David Brawley), and most of us have him, (David has an Orc Champion) and we decided to have a Hangout Group Paint of this guy, for the Month of February.


Now Dilvish still needs to get one, and the Citadel still has a few extra....


So if you have this figure, or a Chainmail or other Orc Spell Caster, Join in and paint with us!


This is not a contest, or any type of pressure event, it is just something for a bunch of folks to do and talk about while we are hanging out....


So Join in if you like...


Watch if you like!




Current Hangout link: https://hangouts.goo...3ogteaq4nokgdae




I plan on doing my own WiP Thread, and using my placeholder below to put 1 pic of the latest sessions work.....


Edit #2


Should we pick one night a week for working specifically on this mini on the hangouts?

If so, what night is best?

(Obviously, this isn't any kind of mandatory thing, It would just be set up for everyone to be able to show off their work, as well as asking each other's opinions about things, as well as the "Does anyone know what that doohickey on his belt is????" type questions....)


Edit #3

For those of you who don't have, or want to get the Chainmail figure, Reaper makes this guy:


02980: Quosk Ravensire, Half-Orc Druid ($4.99)
James van Schaik

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Top Posters In This Topic

As I update this post, the old stuff will move below the spoiler. My main thread is here.


Started the month by stripping the mini, cleaning some mold lines, and then priming it. Also, now actually doing the druid, and not the champion, though I may start him too. 




My placeholder is here! 




Orc Champion (unless I get a druid in the next week or so)


Just realized that the skull has been shaved off the chest plate. Weird... Must have gotten him used.


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Looking carefully under his outstretched arm, I noticed that he's actually wearing chainmail under his hide armour. I'm thinking that it's actually supposed to have been an orc shaman, but they changed the name to Druid for unfathomable reasons, possibly because he's based off of a nature theme.

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Also, even though today is the first day of doing this, we have been discussing what the next months mini should be...


My main concern for this going forward is that they should be primarily REAPER minis, and Ideally, ones that are available in both METAL and bones, so that people can paint the material that they are comfortable with....

(The Chainmail Orc Druid mini just kinda happened because so many folks on the hangout that night mentioned having them / being able to get them easily...)


My suggestion was to do 

60044: Damiel, Iconic Alchemist (METAL)


89010: Damiel, Iconic Alchemist (bones)


Chaoswolf suggested doing monsters / critters, so that by the end of the year, we have a Warband / Encounter....


other ideas and suggestions are very welcome!


So chime in and join us!



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A couple alternate ideas for what to paint for the rest of the year:

1) Since we started with a druid, the rest of the year could be all spellcasters.

2) Different character classes throughout the year. We started with a druid, so do a fighter next, then a sorcerer, then a thief, etc.


As for as what day is best for me, it's hard to say. My schedule is always so jacked up. Probably a weekend day though.

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