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RPG Wood Furniture Tavern Inn

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About this project
Wooden RPG furniture made of wood.

Fully assembled and ready to play!

The Specs

Laser-cut from quality birch plywood. Each piece is laser etched, richly stained, and solidly assembled at Studio 6d6 in Wisconsin, the birthplace of RPGs. Studio 6d6 is a game products producer founded by artist Andy "Cosmo Joe" Watkins. This will be Studio 6d6's 10th successful Kickstarter.

5fc139e819074cbc02a294161567473e_originaProudly made by gamers at Studio 6d6 in the USA


Laser Cut Furniture for RPGs

The beauty is in the details. Laser etching gives us the details and laser cutting gives us a perfect fit every time. The end result is a really great looking product. Details like laser-etched keys on the piano or the drawers on the desk combine with the natural beauty of the wood to create a finished piece ready for your game table.


The Story of this Project

"This idea, like many for Studio 6d6, was hatched at a point of need. I was running a D&D 5e campaign and needed a bunch of bookshelves for a final battle against a Lich in his lair. This, clearly was  a case for something special and I wanted to really dress it up for my players. Most people aren't lucky enough to work at a game company that has its own laser cutter; but I am. I cut out a bunch of bookshelves and ran a great encounter. The bookshelves really helped answer some line-of-sight questions, and they looked great!

The next week the group spent some time at their favorite Inn, The Riverhouse. I thought to myself; wouldn't it be fun to have wooden figures to set up a great Inn or tavern? You know; for the off times :)" ~Andy "Cosmo-Joe" Watkins, Creator and Game Master

Now here we are, a little over a year later, and we are ready to share this project with you! We have done our homework. The figures look great and we are even offering them stained/painted for free!

We also have a number of great Bonus pieces ready to be unlocked!



We have 4 types of sets that you can pledge for. Each set saves you money and the bigger sets save you more money. FREE Bonuses come with Featured, Complete, and Master sets as we unlock them!








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I hate to be negative, but their dice box project did not get all steller reviews. It might be worth looking there. I did back one of their dice KSes and it went perfectly fine. 

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