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Been meaning to do this for ages. 


My devices -- tablet and phone -- have never been able to access the formatting menu that shows up on this site on desktop computers.


So this is a resource of smilies to cut and paste for this forum, for when I'm posting on the phone or iPad and can't remember the dang code for that one smiley.


They are divided between posts because the number of smilies per post is regulated.



:mellow:   :wacko:   :blink:   :ph34r:   :blues:   :bday:   :grr:   :;):   :blush:   :down:   :devil:


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(╯°□°)╯︵ â”»â”â”»










(@[email protected])

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We are considering a move to new, more mobile friendly forum software, but that move was deemed less important than finishing work on Reapermini.com 4.0


Will there be notification before it rolls out? I've had website changes/ugrades cause data to be lost, and I'd like to back up some things just in case. :)



--OneBoot :D

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