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Colonel Kane

Colonel Kane's Star Frontiers PbP

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Port Loren; Gran Quivera; Prenglar System 

You are sitting in a local dive called "The Exhaust Fumes". It is very popular with those seeking work, ANY work, no matter how dangerous or illegal. While most ride the line between legal and illegal, trying to stay legal, there are some who do not care how illegal the work is.  The vid is playing in the background, but the sound is drowned out by the chatter of the patrons. All of a sudden one of the patrons yells turn up the vid. The local news has come on and the news-woman is saying, “ ...confirmed that the luxury liner Star Eagle has been seized and it and all of its passengers are being held hostage, by the Red Corsairs. This is the third liner that has been seized by the Corsairs in the last two months. Due to the inability of the UPF Authorities to track down and neutralize the corsairs, the Corsairs have been able to extort 2 billion credits. It is reported that the CEO of Pan Galactic was one of the passengers. We will keep you up-to-date as the story progress. In other news........" The barkeep turns down the volume and the bar returns to normal, but you can tell that most of the chatter is now about the CEO being held hostage and what Pan Galactic will do. Port Loren is the home of Pan Galactic and as a result employs a lot of the public.   

Please feel free to converse among yourselves and introduce each other. 


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