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Bertonan (Human Knights) Fantasy Football Team

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FANTASY FOOTBALL - Florence's Knights: Bretonans and Humans by Greebo Games


The Bretonans miniatures look good for gaming: knights (one has something precious you could repurpose), town guards, and townsfolk.


The Imperial team looks football only.

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The Imperial Army team is using similar models to make a Human team, since Bretonians are not a supported team. They've dropped the knights and two of the linemen and put in catchers, throwers and an ogre. Catchers and throwers are positions which would be hard to make non-football.


If you're wanting them for anything other than fantasy football, go for the Florence Knights set and you have everything in the Imperial Army (apart from the ogre) which is not football-specific.

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the cheerleaders make good tavern wenches

Those are nice.

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Some of these are really nice, altough one or two of the figures aren't looking as good, imo (for example the throwers, that I find to be poorly posed and not as interesting design as the others), but Greebo are doing some really cool fantasty football stuff for sure. :) If I ever get back into blood bowl, I'd be getting from these guys. :)

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Exclusive Valentin's day models: How to book them!...and a little extra add-on..


We have got many message from backers, someone can't pledge in this two day for many reason, so to give to all same possibility, we have adjusted terms to obtain the exclusive Valentine's day models! 

Models will be available only during this week for purchase.

  • Valentine's Ogre will be available in future only during the Valentine's week.
  • Unicorn of Love will be available ONLY for this 2017 Valentine Week, than mold will be DESTROYED and will not be available anymore!

 Do you want them? Follow the instructions below!





During Pledge Manager we will verify if you have leave the comment or not, so if you want models do it! :D

We have also added a non limited piece, a funny marker which is a unicorn knight

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In case you are waffling because of casting quality, you shouldn't be..


Than we have many pictures about our last cast. Now base Florence Knight team is ready for the productions in metal.










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We are going on with the production, every day new molds are made and new pieces is produced.



Some orders are already shipped out, when this happen we communicate via mail to you the tracking code from DHL.

See you with the next update, have a good night!

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