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Tut - Chibi - 01546

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I am presently working through the Chibi's from Reaper I have collected.    This is the first to be completed in 2017.


I present to you TUT  #01546.  I need to get better at eyes though especially for these Chibi's.. any suggestions, guidance or critique would be appreciated.





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He coulda won a Grammy buried in his 'jamies, King Tut...it came unbidden into my head. The Boy King is a COOL little creation. I love the way you did his eyes. OUTSTANDING WORK!

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I think the Eyes aren't bad at all.


You could use a little white for a reflection dot and a little yellow streak in the red.

It will make them pop more.


I did that with the Countess.

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I think he looks great, including the eyes.  There are a few tutorials online for painting chibi eyes, here are a few that I like:



http://queen-of-cute.deviantart.com/art/Chibi-Eyes-Tutorial-332755117(not painting per se, but it works the same way)





http://robjedi.blogspot.com/2015/04/super-dungeon-explore-painting-eyes.html(simple, but really nice IMHO)


http://moonpunchpainting.tumblr.com/(more of a visual step by step, so might not be as helpful as you'd like)


Hope some of these help!

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I like it too. I'm actually paint Chibi myself and since eyes have always be something I have a hard time to paint I think Chibis are good models to practice on.

There's some nice links to videos on how to paint eyes on the Painting Tips & Advice here's a link to my favorite one, Painting Eyes by David Powell recomendad by CashWiley.

And, The Craft section also have a Basic Steps to Bold Eyes tutorial by Darin Hlavaz.


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I like the Chibi, and I'm grateful for all of the comments on eyes - I've been painting some Chibis of my own, and I'm going to try that 'do the eyes first' idea on the next one.

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